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Love Street by The Doors

Album: Waiting For The SunReleased: 1968
  • This song is about the street in Laurel Canyon, California where Jim Morrison lived with his girlfriend, Pamela Courson. The address was 1812 Rothdell Trail, but they called it "Love Street" because they could sit on the balcony and watch the hippies go by.
  • This was released as the B-side of "Hello, I Love You."
  • The line, "There's a store where the creatures meet" refers to the canyon store where all the hippies of the canyon hung out. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Dhani - Wausau, WI
  • The lyrics, "She has me and she has you" indicates that Morrison knows that his girlfriend Pamela Courson has relations with other men. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    bob - Laguna Beach, CA
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Comments: 26

This song is one of the most unique melodies ever recorded, I love the pantheon sound, executed with genius, like God himself orchestrated its sound, a commiserated symphony, Long Live The Doors; I sure miss Ole Jim & Ray, and I follow John D. on Facebook! Jim was that trapped song bird in that gilded cage, who knew life couldn't ever hold a god, like him to earth, so sad indeed, to think, of all the lost music they could have made in their dynamic circle! There will never be such a synchronized, eulogized, and organized band, like "The Doors," ever again! Plaudits for their work, and their timeless music, may it reign forever!Johnhardesty - Bardstown, Kentucky
Nobody could have played Jim better than Val Kilmer. What awesome casting.Chris - Norman, Ok
I agree Jim loved Pam. Doesn't matter who laid with who, love is in the heart. We should all be so lucky. When was the last time your love was immortalized in a song? Lovers, junkies. monkies, flunkies? We should all be...Jeri - Boulevard, Ca
Came to love this song even more once I visited Laurel Canyon Country Store and the adjoining road that he lived on...
From what I've read, he called it "Love Street" because all the hippies walked down the hill, past where his house was, to the store. I believe his references to Pam in "She has me and she has you" AND the reference to robes, flunkies, diamonds, etc. are probably more of his view that she could get anything she wanted. They definitely had an open relationship but I personally think it's more about his view of her ;)
Chrissy - Visalia, Ca
I love this song. one of my favorites. simple and sweetCaptain D - Cincinnati, Oh
my favorite doors song by far, great songKevin - Ocean Grove, Afghanistan
Very effortless key change up a whole step. Great! Out of tune though.G - Potomac, Md
I gotta say, this song is THE background music for the late 60's. Its sad I didn't discover it until early 2k. (or re-discover even) Its always on my song list of fav's. and YES, it's in my top 5 fav doors songs.Victoria - Cleveland, Oh
Pam's clothes shop was called Themis and Jim bought it for her, but its not the shop that he is reffering to in the song, the bottom floor of their apartment was "a store where the creatures meet"ilovejimmorrisonmorethanyoucoulddreamNady - Adelaide, Australia
You are very correct Lance, it has a similar begining. This is on of their best songs in my opinionAllison - A Little Ol' Town In, Mi
Anybody else think the tune sounds identical to People Are Strange?Lance - Malibu, Ca
Actually, it's in L.A. (Laurel Cnyn is the street off Love St.), but yeah, if one goes up to that area, we call it going up Laurel (in the hills)...beautiful, and beautifully expensive.Vita - L.a., Ca
This is all too too cool. I just signed on to this site. I really like most of what I have read in the past 30 mins. Love Street is one of my all time favorite songs by the doors. It's so unlike most of their music. Hey Nadine in Riverside, I hope you enjoyed your Doors tour. If you are still on this site, I am interested in hearing about it. Is it something you did yourself or is it a regular tour put on by some company? Gee, I would have loved to be able to check out the sights and places that were frequented by Doors members...but I no longer live in the So. Cal. area. I am up on the Pacific North Coast...behind the Redwood Curtain.
Be cool,
Valerie, California
Valerie - Eureka, Ca
In the sold lyrics its:
"She has robes and she has monkeys"
But in fact Jim wrote it like this:
"She has robes and she has flunkies".

Flunkies if you didn't know is a reference to his girlfriend Pamela's drug habit.
Andrew - Adelaide, Australia
This song is definitely dedicated to Pam and the boutique he bought for her. From everything I've read Pamela wasn't really a very nice person and was really high-maintence and usually annoyed the hell outta Jim...but that's why he loved her, because she was the only girl, or person really, he ever knew who stood up to him. They both took on other partners and lived apart from each other a lot. It was definitely an interesting romance. Love the song; I'm visiting "Love Street" in Laurel Canyon this weekend as part of my L.A. Doors/Jim tour.Nadine - Riverside, Ca
I read a book all about Laurel Canyon, and the line 'theres a store where the creatures meet' is about the Canyon Store where all the canyon hippies hung out. But I also read 'No One Here Gets Out Alive', and it mentions the store where the creatures meet being Pam's boutique. I am quite unsureDhani - Wausau, Wi
Actually he wrote this song at a time when he was seperated from Pam. The original lyric was "She has robes and she has junkies", referring to the people she would sleep with. May Jim rest in peace.Jimi - Reno, Nv
one of my favorite doors songs. It's underrated,for sure but it's just beautiful in my opinion. when people refer to the 60's, I hear this song in my head! there is a point toward the end of the song where the band reaches a climax... it's one of my favorite recorded moments of all time.Glenn - Bandera, Tx
The words 'I guess I like it fine...so far ...' are good. Gives a little edge to an otherwise peaceful, contented songCalum - Edinburgh, Scotland
i love how he actually sings la la la la la la la i think hes the only person who can actually song this and not sound like an idiotBethany - La, Ca
the lyrics "She has robes and she has monkeys" was originally "she has robes and she has junkies" refering to the heroin addicts pamela used to hang out with.Ben - Melbourne, Australia
Pamela Courson owned a clothing store which was frequented by hippys and various other trippy types in LA and this is the store referred to in the line "There's a store where the creatures meet". This is explained in the biography "No One Here Gets Out Alive"Dave - Sydney, Australia
In the 1991 film by Oliver Stone, it was played when Jim (Val Kilmer) follows Pamela Courson(Meg Ryan) home from the beach and climbs up a tree onto a balcony and meets her for the first time.Josh - Montrose, Mi
jim was supposed to sing this the night he got drunk and recorded five to oneLoretta - Liverpool, England
A very nice song, not the doors best by far, but very pleasent.Shana - Pembroke, Canada
This song is lovely - he really loved pam and I think he talked about her in most of his music, he was so uniqueDesirae - Harrison, Oh
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