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Chris Rene

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Santa Cruz, California, singer-songwriter Chris Rene auditioned for the inaugural season of the American X-Factor series with this original composition. His rendition earned him a standing ovation from the audience and three of the four judges. Rene was mentored by Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid during the competition's live shows and sang this song again during the final. He finished third overall in the competition.
Chris's grandfather, Leon René, was a famous composer of R&B and rock and roll songs between the 1930s and 1950s. Among his best known tunes is "Rockin Robin," a hit for Bobby Day and Michael Jackson, which he penned under his songwriting pseudonym of Jimmie Thomas.
Rene recorded a new take of the song as his debut single. Produced by JR Rotem, it was made available for fans to purchase on iTunes on March 13, 2012. "Chris Rene's unique voice and identity constantly communicate his heartfelt message of love, positivity, and an overcoming of personal adversities," said Rotem. "You can't help but be inspired by his energy and touched by the genuine and natural quality of his voice."
The song's music video was shot in Rene's hometown of Santa Cruz, California by director Jeremy Rall (Jay-Z, Snoop Dog, Ludacris). The clip gives viewers a snapshot of the singer's hometown, the places and people he grew up with and the inspiration for the song.
The one-time drug and alcohol addict Rene told AOL Music that he wrote the song after turning a major page in his life. "At that point I had an apartment, I had a job and a car. I was clean and I had my son and life was good," he revealed. "I wrote the song in case people were having a bad time, or in case I was having a bad time - this would hopefully lift me back up and bring positive light to the situation."
This just failed to break into the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #101. However, in New Zealand it was a different story and the song rocketed to the top of the singles chart.
Chris Rene
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