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Hooker With A Penis by Tool

Album: AenimaReleased: 1996
  • Throughout the song, lead singer Maynard Keenan can be heard faintly whispering "consume, be fruitful, and multiply," as well as other, indistinguishable words. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    H - 72nd Street, NY
  • This tells the story of a time when Keenan was sitting with an unknown fan who told Maynard he has been a fan since their first EP in '92. The fan then accused Keenan of selling out, at which point Keenan reminded him that he is just as responsible because he bought the album. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Matthew - Hoover, AL
  • Keenan hates the term "selling out," since he thinks it is very judgmental. He wanted to make the point that he and his fans stand for the same thing.
  • In the liner notes, the phrase "see you auntie" appears. If you sound out the letters it makes when you say it, you will get a naughty word.
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Comments: 41

I think everyone bitching about the new album should take a long listen to this song.Adam - Usa
Agree with with Netherlands Tim, Andrew and the others on the same track... Tool sells us a service or product and we straight up buy it for cash money.... The song title may also be in reference to the disappointment the fan had with the Tool's release at the time, just as most folks would be quite disappointed by soliciting a prostitute with a penis. A true fear for many folks.... In the true fashion of the service industry, Maynard gave that fan the ultimate "freebie".....a song about you written and composed one of you favorite bands.Dave - Calgary, Ab
I thought it was smart to name the song this. Because your happy to see fans and your happy to see hookers. So when the fan thought the band was "selling out", it was a surprise which is what the penis in the song represents.Kyle - Sand Lakes Provincial Park, Mb
The song has such obvious metaphors . Maynard pretty much abolishes the term sell out buy stating that he already sold out long ago before the first record . Simply he is saying that this phrase is bulls--t that we need to make money and if it is a good amount of it so be it . The artistic drive and the creative process to make there albums is pure and if they make a buck off it , whats wrong with that . Salvador Dali was often accused of being a sell out threw his life by different artist and had passed it off and stated at least I'm rich from it .Casey - Edgewood, Md
The song is about this guy is basically getting pimped and doesn't realize it. He is the quintessential tool. He only does things to be "cool" when in reality he goes against the bands ideology. He is a poser, tool, and mental degenerate, asking if the bands selling out, and Maynard's like "hey, dumbass, you bought it, sooo no s--t, f--k off." And OGT does not stand for Original Gangsta Tool, tools. Reference the song Aenima. Dips--tsAndrew - Hell, Or
Original Gangsta Tool? you guys must be tools because that makes no goddamn sense. Say it out loud, it sounds like someone knew OG was original gangsta and though T could stand for tool.
OGT is known to mean on good terms. This guy was on good terms with tool since '92.
Ian - Montreal, Ab
The word is c--tDonald - Springfield, Mo
I want a hooker but not a penis. I want people to like our music but not for the wrong reasons. seems pretty simple to me.Matt - Houston, Tx
Seriously, I heard it was about a show Maynard did with Fred Durst, I met a boy, beastie T, new tatoos, nipple rings... all fits the description, uh it makes sense and its cool to think its a big F.U. to durst.Jason - Philadelphia, Pa
My favorite Tool song. I get chills when he screams "I've got some advice for you little buddy" awsome song.John - Pittsburgh, Pa
It's the easiest tool song to understand its simply defining selling out. If What tool does is selling out so be it. Of course they want people to buy their records. but the kid 'wearing thin 501's' and 'taking sips of coke' should have no say in the matterHenry - Marion, Mt
its about Henry rollins and how he thinks TOOL sold out once they kicked out paul D amour and justin joined the band.Steven - Dallas, Tx
i would like to add to that liner notes thing (see you auntie).. i saw an old flyer for a tool show i believe in LA and it said SEE YOU EN'TEEMatt - Auburn, Wa
all fine and well but just oen thing: how could tool of sold out by their seconf real album? gee that fan MJK talks about in the song must of been a real douchebag. i'd say that the songs on opiate were more acessable than those on undertow.Donna - *megadon City*, United Kingdom
This is about some kid talking to Maynard about Undertow. The kid, declaring himself a true Tool fan (OGT - Original Gangsta Tool) apparently called MJK a sellout for releasing Undertow, a major label record. Maynard turns his words around into the chorus that says, "We all participate in capitalism, so by saying you don't like it, you're being hypocritical." He goes on to say that the kid knows nothing about him except for what Maynard lets him know, so he's in no position to tell him how to live. Just invest in Tool and your soul is safe.Sasha - Yonkers, Ny
The band are considered to be selling themselves and their art for money, and since the band consists of males, they are all hookers with a penis. And y doesn evrybody think EVERY song on Aenima is about bill hicks!?!Ian - Bray, Ireland
that see you auntie thing only really works if you have an american accent, but i get it now.John - Glasgow, Scotland
This song is about bill hicks and his views on people he calls selloutsFergus - Searcy, Ar
This is a lot more straightforward than most tool songs, and I think it's been mostly covered already in these comments. The title directly reflects the content - someone who gets screwed for money selling themselves, but one with a penis who's also doing the screwing and supporting the prostitution I think hooker with a penis refers to all of us, selling ourselves out while at the same time supporting other sellouts.Peter - Ottawa, Canada
Most people think this song is about a woman, but infact, the song is about your very own father!Jayson - Herenesate, Ms
I think basically what this song is saying is that...well, no matter how much a band doesn't want to admit to it, every band sells out in its own way. In your own band, the day you buy your first Fender Guitar, Ibanez Bass, or Pearl Drums, you just sold out. You gave that company free advertisement for their product. In the end, every big band, Tool included, needs the money they make for income. They do music, they love it, but it's also a job. As Cypress Hill put it "It's a fun job, but it's still a job."
So don't knock a band for selling out...unless they get greedy *cough* METALLICA *cough
Tim - Farmville, Va
one of the only songs by TooL a close minded person could even vaguily interpret correctly. It's about Maynard geeting mad about this kid saying that they've sold out to the man. but people put to much importance on the kid buying a record. He's trying to portray that they are the same thing all togeter, and everyone is connected, so everyone is "The Man." Music is just a TooL.Jake - Miami, Fl
The first album is Opiate. I love this song. Oh and about the whispering, Maynard is telling all the people to grow and understand how the world is instead of being an idoit like the kid in this song.Ian - New York, Ny
supposedly a parody of Original gansta rap term
according to www.innuendocornecopria.com which apprently didnt renew thier domian fast enough
Jimmy - Boone-ish, Nc
THis song is not an advertisment, and OGT means Original Gangsta Tool, people that have been down with them since 92' obviously, whatever ablum was firstJimmy - Boone-ish, Nc
Out of curiosity, who's OGT?

And this song really is a big joke. A few of Tool's songs are big jokes, but a lot of fans take them too seriously
Luke - Martin, Tn
he met a kid. it's telling about itEric - Madison, Wi
nah, AEnema has moreBrian - Mayfield Heights, Oh
only Tool song to drop a dozen f- bombs???Scott Baddwin - Edmonton, England
Oh, by the by, the 'Hooker with a Penis' is not the kid in the song. It is reference to Maynard himself. He is a hooker because he sells himself to the highest bidder.Tim - Kampen, Netherlands
This is an uniquely honest song. Today there are so many songs around about 'Selling Out' and almost all bands involved claim that they have done no such thing. It is so refreshing to hear a singer say: yeah, that's right, I sold out. I'm making s--tloads of money doing what I love. And you buy my albums despite of all your buls--t, so what kind of a hypocrit are you? We all sell out. Every day. Let's not point fingers.Tim - Kampen, Netherlands
Hooker with a penis is about people who say every band that gets any popularity sold out.Jesse - Maxwell, Ca
'See you auntie' SEE- C, YOU-U, AUN-N, TIE-TJim - Pittsburgh, Pa
Can anybody tell how "see you auntie" is a bad word. What is the bad word??Brett - Moore, Ok
If there is any one phrase that can be said about Tool, they are definitely the masters of creative irony and sarcasm. Look at this following line: "Vans, 501s, and a dope beastie-tee, nipple rings, and new tattoos that claimed that he was OGT, from '92, the first EP." -- Talk about selling out?! Who's the one whose wardrobe is an ensemble of pop culture? Who's the one wearing the namebrand everything? "and in between sips of coke" -- sorry buddy, but you better look inward the next time you're talking sell out. At least Tool had the idea and creativity to immerse themselves in innovative directions in music. While Mr. Beastie T's identify is nothing more then a conglomerate of advertisements.Jack - Bloomington, Il
we all sell out
everybody does sometime maynard isnt judgemental yet sometimes he can be very evident with his words. if any bit of his own psyche is explained i think hes just sayin we all sell out.
Ben - Clemmons, Nd
Hooker with a penis refers to all of us, selling out is something we all do to an extent seeing as we're all "laying down to the man" by buying any consumer products.Matt - Belfast, Ireland
Tool's 1st album was their heaviest-- those that followed were toned down a bit and were more about the actual music and meaning, rather than just how loud they could be. As a way to mock themselves, they made "Hooker with a Penis", a song obviously about selling-out, the heaviest on the Aenima album.Keri - Los Lunas, Nm
This song really expresses modern day America in all it's honesty. Maynard uses truthful words to express how most of the population is.Jenny - Everett, Wa
This song is about how Maynard can so easily manipulate people into buying anything he wants to sell to them. And all you know about the real MJK is just what he has sold everyone, you don't really know him as a person.Zac - Drexel, Mo
This song is about the music industry. It sells itself, hence the "hooker" term, but it also screws you over, hence the "with a penis."Andrew - Indianapolis, In
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