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100 Proof by Kellie Pickler

Album: 100 ProofReleased: 2012
  • This is the title track from American country music artist Kellie Pickler's third studio album. It was released as the second single from the set exclusively on iTunes on December 20, 2011. 100 Proof was recorded in an old fashioned way with Pickler and the musicians all in one big room together. The singer told The Boot that she instructed the musicians, "Close your eyes and go to the place you'd want to be if it was your last time ever singing, ever being on stage. I want you to go there, to wherever you'd be if you knew it was your last song."
  • The song was written by the Country/Bluegrass singer-songwriter Leslie Satcher along with Nashville songsmith James T Slater. "'100 Proof' is about two different relationships: a healthy relationship and an unhealthy relationship," Kellie told The Boot. "I've been both girls in that song, and I'm now so blessed to now say that I'm the girl in the healthy relationship," she added concerning her songwriter husband Kyle Jacobs. I've got a good man! He loves me, and what we have is '100 proof.'"
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