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The Red Strokes by Garth Brooks

Album: In PiecesReleased: 1994Charted:
  • The narrator of this love ballad played is describing a romantic evening with his girl. He compares it to a work of art, using color metaphors to describe the two lovers' passions. The song was inspired by co-writer Lisa Sanderson's visit to the Louvre in Paris. Brooks later recalled on The Hits liner notes: "'The Red Strokes' came to me as a poem from Lisa Sanderson. She had visited The Louvre in France and talked about a painting that was just all brush strokes. She noticed how the red ones stuck out and wondered, if she was to paint her life, how many red strokes would there be for the passion, anger and times of most emotion. I fell in love with the poem."
  • This is one of Garth's most popular songs in the United Kingdom, despite only charting on the country charts in the U.S. (#49) and Canada (#38) as an album cut.
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If memory serves, this is Garth's only Top 40 hit in the UK, reaching #14 in 1994Trish - Pg, Ut
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