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Big River by Van Halen

Album: A Different Kind of TruthReleased: 2012
  • This is a reworked version of an old 1970s Van Halen demo titled "Big Trouble." It is one of a number of tracks on A Different Kind Of Truth rejigged from old material. Vocalist Dave Lee Roth explained to LA Times that the band's reasoning is they can't get away with pretending to be young anymore. "Are there second chances?" he asked. "I'm tending to 'no.' We've managed to stretch our adolescence like a chiclet to the moon, and maintained the respectful dignities along the way that got us on that turnpike up in the first place."
  • The change of title is most likely because Roth had already recorded one named "Big Trouble" on his first solo album, Eat 'Em and Smile.
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