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You're A Lie



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This is the first single from Slash's second album, Apocalyptic Love. The album was produced by Eric Valentine (Queens of the Stone Age, Taking Back Sunday), and features Slash's touring band: vocalist Myles Kennedy (who also plays rhythm guitar), drummer Brent Fitz and bassist Todd Kerns. The song was released to radio on February 27, 2012.
Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy provides vocals on all 13 tracks from the record, having featured on two of the songs from Slash's previous solo album - "Starlight" and "Back From Cali."
The song finds Myles Kennedy telling a story of betrayal. Slash commented on the songwriting process for Apocalyptic Love comparing it with his eponymous previous release: "Myles and I basically collaborated on the new material. The main thing is we wrote these songs together which is a big difference from the last album where I wrote each song with all of the different collaborators. The whole creative nucleus is between Myles and me. On top of this, the whole rhythm section of Brent and Todd brings something to the table and changes the dynamic completely from the last record - it's much more cohesive."
The song nearly ended up getting binned. Slash told "This song was the second one I presented to the band during writing and it had a different chorus for a while there. Then it had another chorus riff and just before we decided to can the song I came up with the idea for the chorus that's there now. I don't like to work on anything for too long, I just move on."
Myles Kennedy explained the song's meaning to Noisecreep: "A lot of people think it's a song strictly about being betrayed and it certainly can be taken that way, but for me, in my head, it was there's that little voice sometimes that lives inside all of us that makes us doubt ourselves, that makes us question our strengths and our abilities, and that song is an anthem to call that out and take any sort of power away from that."
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