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California 37 by Train

Album: California 37Released: 2012
  • This is the title track of California rock band Train's sixth album. Like their previous set, Save Me, San Francisco, the record was named after a spot in their home state. "California 37 is this highway that connects Marine County to wine country," drummer Scott Underwood explained to Alternative Addiction. "It was also our route to get to the high sierras where we used to play shows- Lake Tahoe and stuff like that. We used to use that highway all the time. Pat (Monahan, vocals) and Rob (Hotchkiss, former guitarist) lived near that highway. We broke down one day on that highway in my van that kind of just stopped running on the way to a gig. There's just a lot of memories and we wanted to further our connection with San Francisco. It's our home. The more we've been talking about the last record the more we've realized how much we truly love our home as a band. Just more and more stories were coming out over the past few years and this seemed logical. It made sense for us to name it that."
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