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R.A.T.S by Cancer Bats

Album: Dead Set on LivingReleased: 2012
  • Canadian hardcore punk band Cancer Bats open Dead Set on Living with this track, which finds vocalist Liam Cormier at his most angry. He told Terrorizer magazine: "R.A.T.S is just about being fu--ing pissed off. It's kinda like my 'Sorceress' part two. In the first version there was two verses and it started off with 'I never thought I'd have to write this song again.' It has a 'Sorceress' track to get all that anger out and then realizing the world over and people asking for that song every night, it's like man there's no shortage of people being pissed off in the world. It kinda was around the D.S.O.L thing too, 'cos I was just like, your best friend's in the hospital and then you're just like 'who the f--k put him here?' Those kind of ideas start evolving in your head. So that was my 'f--k you' to the world."
  • The song features guest vocals from Rob Urbinati of Canadian Thrash Metal band Sacrifice.
  • The song's music video was shot in Bulgaria during Cancer Bats' 2013 European tour. The clip follows a man who has recently been terminated from his employment.
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