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Never Close Our Eyes by Adam Lambert

Album: TrespassingReleased: 2012Charted:
  • This infectious dance track was penned by Bruno Mars, Phillip Lawrence and Ari Levine, who comprise the California-based production team The Smeezingtons. In addition to writing Mars' material, the trio have also written successful singles for other artists such as Justin Bieber's "Love Me" and Cee-Lo Green's "Forget You. The song was produced by the famed pop hitmaker Dr. Luke.
  • The song is all about living life and partying to the fullest. "But you know I wish that this night would never be over," sings Lambert. "There's plenty of time to sleep when we die. So let's just stay awake until we grow older. If I had my way we'd never close our eyes, our eyes, never!" Lambert tweeted regarding the song's meaning, "to me, NCOE is about all of US. A community. A movement."
  • The track was originally intended to be recorded by Bruno Mars - there's a demo by him that can be found here.
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