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The Alan Parsons Project

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This song has become widely used at sporting events, particularly as opening-lineup themes for basketball teams. It was popularized by the Chicago Bulls, who used it for their starting lineup introductions for many of their dynasty years during the '90s, when Michael Jordan was with the team. When Parsons was told by an American friend that his song was being used as intro music for Michael Jordan, Parsons replied, "Who's Michael Jordan." He is not a sports fan. (thanks, Brian - Edmonton, Canada)
Sirius is a bright star in the night sky. It's also the name of a satellite radio service. When they launched, they were called "CD Radio," but "CD" is a dated concept that does not evoke the vast possibilities of "Sirius."
This instrumental was used as a background music in the commercial for the NBA 2K11 video game shown over the fall of 2010.
The Alan Parsons Project
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Comments (10):

This song remindes me of Sirius Black. I profusely appoligize to the hary Potter fans that I may have offended.
- Sydney, Dallas, TX
Perfect lead-in to "Eye In The Sky." One of the Top 50 on my list.
- Tom Duncan, Memphis, TN
this is used on "Tunnel Vision" one of Nebraska Cornhuskers largest Football Traditions
- BOB, Nebraska, NE
This is an instrumental-only track that leads directly into "Eye In The Sky", with no break. Many rock radio stations play them back-to-back as a single 8 minute-plus track.
- Ken, Louisville, KY
Just kidding, I know what they're referring to. I just couldn't help but crack a few lame puns. ;)
- Matthew, Milford, MA
Oh, the guy who owned the Omni Cube? Ack, wrong Sirius again. *gets blown up by Bomberman*
- Matthew, Milford, MA
Black... oops, wrong Sirius. *gets bricked by Harry Potter fans*
- Matthew, Milford, MA
Use to be a theme song for the UK Wildcats. The music and the flashing lights were intense. Go Wildcats 05-06!
- Joseph, Bowling Green, KY
This song is used at Stone Mountain Park in their Laser Show, right before advertising some of the local teams.
- Patrick, Conyers, GA
I Am A Big Alan Parsons Fan. A Friend Of Mine (Lisa Griffeths) Just Married Alan A Few Weeks Ago. My Daughter Attended The Wedding In Santa Barbara, Ca. We Get To See Alan Once In A While When They Come Back Here To Town To Visit Lisa'S Family.
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