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Somebody's Watching Me



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Rockwell is Kennedy Gordy, son of Motown founder Berry Gordy from a relationship with Margaret Norton. Kennedy put the demo together with the help of a Motown producer named Curtis Nolen. Berry Gordy didn't have much faith in his son as a recording artist, but when he heard this, he knew it was a hit and agreed to release it.
Michael Jackson sang backup. Rockwell's sister Hazel was married to Jackson's brother Jermaine. Michael Jackson was at the height of his powers, and Rockwell knew he could get the song released if he could convince Michael to sing on it. (thanks, Brian - Edmonton, Canada)
The Motown brain trust came up with the name "Rockwell." Prince and Madonna were doing very well using one name, and inspiration struck when someone saw a photo of a Norman Rockwell painting.
Christian rapper Toby Mac (real name: Toby McKeegan) of the band DC Talk sampled this for his song "Somebody's Watching." In this case, it referred to God, who Toby believed was constantly looking out for him. Joanna Valencia sang backup vocals. Toby Mac also sampled the Buffalo Springfield song "For What It's Worth" for his song "What's Goin' Down?," both of which appear on the album Momentum. (thanks, Brett - Edmonton, Canada)
In 2006 Beatfreakz, a duo from Holland, reached #3 in the UK with a dance version of this song that also topped the charts in Spain. The video was a parody of Michael Jackson's "Thriller." (thanks, Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England)
This was used in commercials for Geico insurance in 2008. The ads showed stacks of money with googly eyes staring at people who might save money on their car insurance. This song played whenever the money was nearby. The spots were very successful and ran well into 2009 and Michael Jackson's unexpected death.
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Comments (12):

It was featured in the pilot episode of the hit 1980s TV show, Miami Vice.
- Steve, Grand Island , NE
This song is timeless.
- wendy, Elizabeth city, NC
stalkers!! lol
- bearnie, walnut grove,
The re-mix in the Geico commercial is by Mysto & Pizzi.
- Brad, Barry, TX
Disco Nights Vol. 8: Dance Floor Hits
contains this classic 80's hit.
Love the paranoid themes and the vintage 80's keyboards!
Not a bad Halloween song either.
- Robert, Zanesville, OH
Great video, lots of weird images in it. Having Michael Jackson sing back-up for you, especially during the height of his "Thriller" fame can't really hurt your chances either. I've always liked the tune, it reminds me of a special time in my life.
- Michael, San Diego, CA
Honestly, the only reason this song was so famous is because Michael Jackson's amazing take on the chorus of this song. Oherwise, the lyrics are cheesy.
- Jay, Mom, CT
A lot of people say that the only reason the song became a success was the fact that Michael Jackson sang backup vocals. Since Michael Jackson was really big at the time, he was the one that did the song justice. To be honest, it a cheesy song but I like it.
- Dali, Dallas, TX
Tru with Master P did a version of this song on albumn 'Tru 2 da Game(1997)'. The instrumentals in the backround sound similar to the original, the chours reads "I always feel like, somebody's watchin me"<-which is sang and then this part is said fast->"I'm paranoid I can't sleep I'm in the dope game,I think these hoes and these niggaz out to get me mayn". I don't care for it but thought it was funny they bit off an older pop song.
- Michael, Hayward, CA
It's on a CD called "Motown 40 Forever" released in 1998 if you're after it on CD.
- Simon, Brighton, England
I always liked this tune. Every so often it gets radio play on a station. I have never been able to find it on a CD though. It was a cheesy video, but fun none the less.
- Dee, Indianapolis, IN
Rockwell had another US hit with "Obscene Phone Caller," so he is not really a one-hit wonder.
- Axel Titus, Lake Forest, CA
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