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Patsy Cline

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This was written by Willie Nelson. He was a struggling Country singer at the time and got a big break when Cline recorded this and made it a hit. It has become one of Nelson's most enduring songs.
On an episode of VH1's Storytellers, Willie Nelson revealed that this was originally titled "Stupid." (thanks, Scott - Richmond, VA)
Cline was thrown through a windshield in a car accident 2 months before she recorded this (they didn't have seat belts back then). At the first session, she couldn't hit the high notes because of a broken rib, so the studio musicians recorded their parts without her. Two weeks later, she did her vocals while standing on crutches.
This was Cline's biggest hit. She died in a plane crash 2 years later at age 30.
In the UK, this was not a hit when it was first released, but went to #14 when it was re-released there in 1990.
This song was later remade (yet again) in 2002 by the band Kidneythieves for their CD Zerospace. (thanks, Jen G. - Fort Worth, TX)
In 2003, Diana Krall covered this for the tribute album Remembering Patsy Cline.
According to the Amusement And Music Operators Association, this is the most-played song on jukeboxes in the United States. Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock And Roll" is second and Elvis Presley's "Hound Dog" is third.
According to Mojo magazine, Willie Nelson originally tried to sell this along with several other of his songs to Country music singer Larry Butler for $10 a piece. Butler refused to take advantage, fortunately for Patsy Cline who despite initially disliking "Crazy" made it into a huge hit. Both Cline's husband Charlie Dick and her producer Owen Bradley loved the song and it was they that persuaded Cline to record it.
Patsy Cline
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Comments (6):

Ever heard the live-version with Willie Nelson, Diana Krall and Elvis Costello? Definately worth a listen:D Even surpasses Patsy Clines version..
- Budoshi, Sandnessjøen, Norway
Truly one of the her best. What a magnificent voice.
- alma, laredo, TX
What a magnificent voice Patsy Cline had. Too bad she covered songs like this. I love hearing anything she sang, though.
- Lalah, Wasilla, AK
This was reportedly the "theme song" to Ross Perot's 1992, third-party Presidential campaign. Bill Clinton's was Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow".
- Ken, Louisville, KY
Patsy Cline HATED this song and did NOT want to record it. Her husband would play Willie's demo over and over til it drove her nuts!! (For the record, before they became hits, she also hated "Walkin after Midnight" and "I Fall to Pieces" as well)
- Steph, Menomonee Falls, WI
When Patsy was first asked to record this song, she at first said, "I can't sing this man's song!"
- Kathy, Jasper, AL
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