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This was the first song on the first Kiss album. It was part of their first five-song demo which was produced by Eddie Kramer.
This started as a song called "Stanley the Parrot." When they came up with a different groove, they changed it to "Strutter." (thanks, Iron Dave - Orlando, FL)
This song was inspired by good-looking women in New York City who wore sexy clothes. If you were looking for introspective lyrics in 1974, there were lots of places to find them, but not on a Kiss album.
Kiss released an updated version called "Strutter '78" on the album Double Platinum. (thanks, Jeff - Haltom City, TX for above 2)
This song was featured on the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. (thanks, Tyler - Orangeville, Canada)
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Comments (16):

Strutter is about a prostitute,not some woman in flashy clothes just walking down the street
- Anastasia, Charlotte, NC
Guitar Hero is actually a pretty cool video game. Although a lot of people take it pretty seriously, it's just a game. There's not need to curse it, but there's certainly no need to claim you're anything special for playing Through the Fire and the Flames.
- Goombario, Jacksonville, FL
I really wish that KISS would release the ACTUAL footage that was filmed for the concerts that became KISS ALIVE and KISS ALIVE II.
- Jason, Denver, CO
My favorite Kiss song. Can't understand why everyone always puts "Rock and Roll All Nite" ahead of it.
- Scott, Boston, MA
This is my favourite KISS song and it was also the first KISS song i ever heard and got me hooked to KISS.
- Randell, Sydney, Australia
I got turned on to this song by GH2, and I realized it's a great song... this and "Back in the New York Groove" got me hooked on Kiss.
- cory, seaford, DE
This was the first song Peter Criss played with Gene and Paul togethr.
- Cam, Cambridge, Canada
This song is on Guitar hero 2 for ps2
- Cam, Cambridge, Canada
This is on Guitar Hero II.
- Mike, Germantown, MD
They nip a rhyme from The Beatles, and on the very same subject matter! I never noticed that before. Must be more obvious from reading the lyrics than hearing them, maybe cause the song's so different muscially.
- fyodor, Denver, CO
Extreme did a cover of this for the "Kiss My Ass" tribute cd, as good, if not better than original
- Pete, Sydney, Australia
Awesome song. KISS rocks
- Shana, Pembroke,Ontario, Canada
One of my favorite Kiss tunes. When I sang in a band called "Rundal", we used to close every show with Strutter...I especially loved the emphised guitar part during the 3rd verse, right after "She'll let you walk the streets beside her" and before "But when she wants, she'll pass you by."
- Tom, Fishkill, NY
The Donnas did a cover of "Strutter" on the Detroit Rock City soundtrack.
- Katie, Goulburn, Australia
A great song by the Greatest Rock Band on Earth. And Mike, Kiss wasn't falling apart Destroyer era. The band began to implode much later, late 1979, 1980.
- Ken, LaSalle, Canada
Strutter made me a Kiss fan. While it wasn't a complicated song by any stretch, it is the kind of raw-edged heavy rock sound that made Kiss what they are today.
I saw Kiss the first time during their first Double Live album era and they were amazing to watch and hear. By the time I saw them a couple of years later (Destroyer) the band was falling apart. It's the beleive they are still kicking - musically that is.

- Mike, Kansas City, KS
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