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Edie (Ciao Baby)


The Cult

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This is about Edie Sedgwick, a socialite who formed part of the artist Andy Warhol's Factory scene in New York in the '60s. Sedgwick featured in several Warhol films, including Poor Little Rich Girl and Beauty No. 2. Her final movie role was as Susan Superstar in Ciao! Manhattan, which was written and directed by John Palmer and David Weisman. This song takes the "Ciao Baby" part of its title from this film.

Sedgwick lived a troubled life that was plagued by mental health issues and drug addictions. In 1971, Sedgwick died of an overdose. She was 28 years old. The film, Factory Girl, starring Sienna Miller, is about Sedgwick.
The Cult's front man, Ian Astubury, became interested in Sedgwick while the band were recording their Electric album in New York: "It was kinda like I was really interested in Warhol's scene, The Velvet Underground [who Warhol managed between 1965-1967], and really interested in Edie Sedgwick and just was compelled to write something about it." Guitarist, Billy Duffy added: "Just being in New York you can get wrapped up in it. It's a very special place. That's just basically what the songs about. It's not really about her particularly, it's her used as an example."
Sedgwick was quite a muse: she had a brief affair with Bob Dylan and his song "Just Like A Woman" is reportedly about her.
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Comments (10):

I have loved this song since it was released in the 80s and just found out tonite it's about Warhol Edie, which makes me love it even more for some reason. This is a very special and soulful song and I would love to hear it played on the radio these days!!
- Elain, Ferndale, MI
"Ciao Baby" Excellent! The stars wrapped in your hair. Thanks
- Beverly, Tempe, AZ
It's my favourite Cult song, for some strange, unknown reason. I'm just addicted to it.
- Sasha, Winston, MS
And having Siena Miller play Edie in a film was just crap
- Dave, Liverpool, United Kingdom
The video single is in their best Top 5 videos to me.
- Skip, Mandeville, LA
Ian Astbury sounds a lot like Jim Morrison. Sonic Temple is a very good album.
- Lester, New York City, NY
Kyra's not Edie's niece. Kyra's grandfather and Edie's dad were brothers, so this makes them first cousins, once removed.
So vibrant, so tragic.
- Juju, Los Angeles, CA
Kitten , i didn't read the book yet , because i can't find it!It seems that it is rare in the European publishing houses .The song " Just like a woman " by Bob Dylan is also written for her .
- Clementina, Sofia
This is my song and I can so relate.
My name is Edie also and it was like
it was written for me. I love it.
Weird things happened after listening to this
- edie, raymond, WA
Great book too, "Ciao Manhattan"...
- Kitten, NYC, United States
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