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Sign Of The Cross by Iron Maiden

Album: The X FactorReleased: 1995
  • This is based on the 1980 book The Name Of The Rose by Italian author Umberto Eco. The book was later made in a movie starring Sean Connery and Christian Slater. It concerns the medieval inquisition. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Filippo Toffanin - Torreglia, Italy
  • The "sign of the cross" is a traditional Catholic gesture in which the finger moves from the tip of the forehead to the chest, than respectively to both shoulders, so the image of the crucifix is made in front of them. Outside of church, it is done on hearing something blasphemous or religiously distressing.
  • The line "A fire in the sky" was borrowed from the Deep Purple song "Smoke On The Water." Each band member lists Deep Purple as one of their early inspirations.
  • Written by bass player Steve Harris, this is one of the longest Iron Maiden songs, running 11:18.
  • This song opens with a Gregorian chant, which is credited to "The Xpression Choir."
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Comments: 9

It's a great song to listen to.
Although I'm not totally sold on the idea of it's connection to the Jean Jacques Annaud film 'The name of the rose', as is referred to by Fillipo from Italy.

It's sound carries a lot straight-forward/ Raw approach to the beliefs of an individual with an inclination towards the higher powers of age old prophecies with a moral background towards righteousness.

..anyway, thats how i like to listen to it.
Could come across to others in different variations.

Happy listening!
Jeet - New Delhi, India
I don't like Blaze Bayley. I like hearing songs from the Bayley era with Bruce on vocals.Ryan - Bethany, Ok
The X Factor is an awful album. Not because of Blaze, not because of the production but because of the lyrics. I usually like their anti-religious lyrics, but here we just get some guy complaining because apparently God doesn't like him and wants his faith back (This song is one of them). Virtual XI sucked too, but that was because of the production...Damien - Edmonton, Canada
Great song, although i always thought of this as a bad intro for Blaze to the band since the majority of the tune is given to instrumentals and not Bayley's singing. And Bruce Dickinson did an awesome job of singing it at "Rock in Rio".Ringgo - Montclair, Ca
I like this song. Makes me think about a huge Holy Battle.Billy - Otway, Oh
this song is insane. I love the version on rock in rio. Maiden is the best.Devon - Westerville, Oh
Played live on the X-Factour 95/96 and Brave New World Tour 2000/01Cads - London, England
iron maiden rock. the album the x factor is brilliant i just love the song sign of the cross the intro is wicked even if it is 2 mins long. its not the lenght of the song that matters its how it is played and sung. this goes for all maiden's music the song no more lies is a good song only it has no proper chorus the band are great and bruce dickinson is a wicked singer.Shelly - Kent, England
i just love this song. One of Maiden's best songs, live and studio.IngÃ?lfur - ReykjavÃ?k, Iceland
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