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All The Things She Said by t.A.T.u.

Album: All The Things She SaidReleased: 2002Charted:
  • This was the first English-language single for t.A.T.u., the Russian duo of Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova. They were teenagers when the song was released, and blatantly portrayed as lesbians, an image created by their manager Ivan Shapovalov. (The name t.A.T.u. (pronounced "tattoo") comes from a Russian phrase that means "This girl loves that girl.")

    The girls went along with it until December 2003, when they came out as straight on a Russian TV show, claiming that when they signed their contract, they didn't know they would be forced to kiss and pretend to be lesbian lovers.
  • With this song, t.A.T.u. became the first (and so far, only) Russian artist to hit #1 on the UK charts.
  • The group was put together by Russian producer Ivan Shapovalov, who was trying to fill a void in the underage Eastern European lesbian market. The group became so popular they were chosen to represent their country in the Eurovision Song Contest, but the Russian government didn't think they represented their country well. For the Eurovision Song Contest, Shapovalov arranged a video shoot in Moscow's Red Square and arranged for 200 girls to appear in the video kissing and cavorting like the girls in t.A.T.u. The shoot got a little out of control, and Shapovalov was arrested for disturbing the peace.
  • Trevor Horn, known for his work with The Buggles and Yes, produced this track and is credited as a co-writer.

    The song has an interesting array of writers: in addition to Horn, the Russian songwriters Sergey Galoyan, Elena Kiper and Valerij Polienko are listed, as are the group's founder Ivan Shapovalov and the American record executive Martin Kierszenbaum.

    Galoyan, Kiper and Polienko wrote the Russian version of the song, "Ya Soshla S Uma," which was released by the duo in 2000. The song got the attention of Kierszenbaum, who was an A&R man at Interscope Records. His boss Jimmy Iovine arranged for Horn to work on the project and create a new English-language version of the track.
  • The group's creator Ivan Shapovalov also directed the video, which shows the girls sharing a passionate kiss.
  • The original Russian version is called "Ya Soshla S Uma," which means "I've Lost My Mind." The song's co-writer Elena Kiper has said that she came up with the original lyrics, which are about lusting after a girl. According to Kiper, she had a dream about the female Russian MTV personality Tutta Larsen in which Larsen tried to kiss her.

    Kiper claimed that she delivered these lyrics to her boyfriend, Ivan Shapovalov, and together they developed the t.A.T.u. concept around the song.

    The English translation kept the same lyrical theme: love and madness between two girls.
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Comments: 28

I never knew the song was banned -- it was everywhere here the few months after its release. I don't care if they are lesbian, bi, straight, can't decide, whatever. It's a good song. It just weirds me out that the band was created to for the east-euro lesbian market. Honestly, how big of a market could that be? It's a shame that all that nonsense is part of the song, since it distracts everyone from the music.Kari - Knoxville, Tn
i honestly have pity for these girls! they're terrifc singers and shouldn't be forced to be something they arent! i hope that Ivan Shapovalov guy got beat up in prison!!!!Lilly - East Meadow, Ny
They haven't broken up Chris. They just bought out a new album in Russia called Vesyolye Ulybki. International version out 2009.Jeri - Paeroa, New Zealand
Except for the last couple comments, as always, the people commenting on these boards show their age easily.Matthew - Sayre, Pa
it just HAD to suck being them than xDHannah - Waxhaw, Nc
THIS IS TO JEFF IN AUSTIN....I am actually working on a band to fill the void of elderly Northern-Asian transgendered midgets market. Ironically, the name of the band is Tattoo. (hopefully everyone gets the FANTASY ISLAND reference).Bender - East West Virginia, Va
Thank God this group was created to fill the void in the underage Eastern-European lesbian market. They were suffering for many years without good music. Now if someone would just create a band to fill the void in the elderly Northern-Asian transgendered midgets market, all would be well.Jeff - Austin, Tx
this song has to be the best song!! i honestly dont give a rats a** if the girls are lesbians or bi-sexual it doesnt matter what i think of them or of what other people think its their business not ours. yeah i love this band and i am pretty pissed off about the fact that they are banned just because they showed people that no matter what sexuality you are, your still human!!Karrie - Limerick, Ireland
LOL, the underage eastern european lesbian market? cant believe there is such a thing.Chris - Claremont, Ca
I love this song and I honestly don't think it matters if they are lesbians or not (I don't believe they are).
I'm a little confused about some of the Russian lyrics...they come out as 1,2, go after 5
Otherwise insanely good song in English and even better in Russian!
Lauren - Somewhere, La
OK I have looked on many of the sites and am just wandering are tATu lesbaian or not. Personally its none of my business and I applaud them whether they are or not. Its just that I am doing studies in gay/lesbian relationships and because they are so popular now with regards to their songs, I have to have back-up info on why I chose tATu as one of my references to write my assignment on Lesbian relatonships. I just dont want to mention them if they are not lesbians but maybe i could mention they are supporters of gay/lesbian relationships. Could anyone out there help me please. I refuse to portray anyone unless i have confirmation. THANKS
Nikale - Katooomba, Australia
that is shan for the man hu gt arrested lmao unlucki chuckyNina - Darlo, Ut
lmao ryan ya mint (Y)Nina - Darlo, Ut
I bet i love tatu more And i would love to touch ur potashion!Ryan - Durham, Or
ryan lmao i lv them 2 hello ryan even tho i sat next to u lolNina - Darlo, Ut
I love tatu!Ryan - Durham, Or
Download Adam and Andrew's parody of it. It is awesome.Becca - Hamilton, Canada
p.s. They're still together ... they're coming out with more cds.Dracul - Anytown, Canada
I love t.A.T.u. and their new album is awesome. Their best songs are "Dangerous and moving", "Ya Soshla S Uma techno remix", "Ya Soshla S Uma" (all the things she said in russian), "Nas Nye Dogonjat", "30 Minut" and "klouny". Check them out!Dracul - Anytown, Canada
listen the number by TATU "Malchik gay"....great number.Sum Sum - New Delhi, India
they really broke up?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? ooooh no that sux who had the baby?!?!?!? gosh where have i been when this happened :( lolJen - Nv
love the song i didn't like the video though i turned me off of thinking they where hot but i still really like their music malchik gay good song tooJb - Beaver, Pa
You know,im not really into this music or anything but I think these chicks are talented. I think this video was gross and all but they rock anyway. If they are lesbis or not they have pretty good songs,my favorite song is How soon is now,its great. I want to get their cd and all but I cant find it here and besides my friends think im crazy liking them but they are cool cause their music. If u dudes aree telling the truth why are they faking to be lesbese?Casie - Denver, Co
T.a.t.u are now broken up AND one of the girls had a bABYChris - Chch, New Zealand
t.A.T.u is one of my faovrite bands.
They rock my socks off. . . .
Anyway, this song is about two girls, Julia and Lena, who are lesbians from Russia. They are saying that they love each other and that they do not care what other people think about them. I think it's a briliant song, whether they're really lesbians or not (which they aren't, Julia had a baby).
If you like this song, you'll like their other ones. Try listening to:
1] Not Gonna Get Us
- (English version of: Nas Ne Dagoniat)
2] Ya Soshla S Uma
- (Russian version of: All The Things She Said)
3] How Soon Is Now?
- (Cover song of the Smith's)

-Thanks, Helena!
Helena - Atlanta, Ga
what really annoyed me was that this song was released at the same time as Beautiful by Christina Aguilera, which had 2 guys kissing. Why did Tatu get banned and Beautiful didnt!!! Personally i dont think either should have been banned. When me and my girlf got 2getha i could really identify with that songRian - London, United States
these girls are hotSteve - Wallingford, Pa
Nothing to do with the 1986 Simple Minds release of the same name, although by coincidence, it's thought that the 'Minds might have offered a demo of their song to Trevor HornDave - Cardiff, Wales
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