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Land Ho by The Doors

Album: Morrison HotelReleased: 1970
  • "Land Ho" is an expression used by sailors when they saw a land after being surrounded with nothing except the ocean for a long time. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Elanor - Zagreb, MO
  • This is a story of the sea that represents a quest for freedom.
  • Drummer John Densmore created a Skiffle beat for this. In the '50s, Skiffle was a popular style in England where amateur musicians would use jugs, washboards, and whatever else they had to make music.
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Comments: 2

Damn I love it when Morrison screams 'LAND HO!' in the middle of the song.....what a pure voice he had even when screaming at full volume.Ive read he started out with a rather thin timid voice but built it up trying to sing over the din in the clubs The Doors started out in.He built it into the definitive rock voice of all time.Mark - Byrdstown, Tn
This song represents a return to adventure that has come after years of living in boredom and enduring an unadventurous lifestyle. It reminds me of someone like Ulysses, who when returned to Ithaca found that he entirely missed the adventures he once had and decided that he wanted to venture out once again in his elder age. Perhaps the numbers at the end of the song "If i get my hands on a number 5 gonna skin that little girl alive" refer to grading women on a number scale. 5 being the best or most attractive and 2 being an average looking woman whose best characteristic is that of her provisions, such as making a good wife. Thats why "if i get my hands on a number 2, come back home and marry you". Perhaps the elder adventurer, "grandpa", will find a new love on his new adventures.Dustin - Waycross, Ga
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