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Album: One Time BellsReleased: 2002
  • This song is about kitschy bands that reference the mid-1980's in their lyrics, sound, or appearance. It is not about anything going on with the band members at that time in their lives since they were all ten or younger.
  • The writing of this song is credited to the entire band. For main songwriter (also lead singer and drummer) Nick Stumpf, this is not his preferred style of writing songs. He says that more people means a slower process and sometimes a less pure product.
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Comments: 3

Michael in Tuscon - you're thinking of Bowling For Soup's song of the same title.Patrick - Tallapoosa, Ga
I think this song is pretty funny. >>Her two kids in highschool, they tell her that she's uncool.<< Go kids.Michael - Tucson, Az
OH, gosh this song is horribleNathan - L-burg, Ky
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