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Truck Yeah


Tim McGraw

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This upbeat single marked McGraw's debut for Big Machine Records after over 20 years with Curb. The Country star signed with the label on May 21, 2012.
McGraw debuted the song during his Brothers of the Sun tour with Kenny Chesney in the summer of 2012. "We have been unbelievably excited about 'Truck Yeah' since the first show of the summer when we played it live for the first time," he said.
Songwriting credits go to Chris Lucas, Preston Brust, Chris Janson and Danny Myrick.

Chris Lucas and Preston Brust also comprise the Country music duo LoCash Cowboys. Their previous credits as songwriters include Keith Urban's hit tune "You Gonna Fly."

Missouri native Chris Janson is a Country music singer, whose debut single, "'Til a Woman Comes Along," peaked at #52 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts in 2010.

Nashville songwriter Danny Myrick is a former member of Country music band Western Flyer. He co-penned Jason Aldean's "She's Country," which was the most-played Country song of 2009.
The song debuted at #22 on the country chart, earning McGraw his highest solo chart debut of his career to date.
This uses "truck" in place of a far less radio-friendly word. "It's having some fun with words, yeah," McGraw told LA Times. "But the thing about this record is that I just wanted to go into the studio and cut a track that tore your face off - like, 'Damn, that is rockin'.'"
Chris Janson told the story of the song to Roughstock: "I double booked the write with LoCash Cowboys and Danny Myrick. I had the appointment with Danny on the books and then LoCash called and said 'we're free tomorrow, wanna write?' And I said, 'Sure, but I'm also writing with Danny, so can we all do it together?' They already knew Danny so they said, 'Sure' and we got all together and decided to work together and when I pulled up in my truck, Preston came up to me and said, 'Man I love your truck!' I said the alternative to 'Truck Yeah' as you can imagine and he stopped me there and said, 'No, no, no man, truck yeah!' and I was like 'Done!' (meaning that it felt like a song ideal). So we sat there and I started doing this boot stompin' melody on the guitar and Preston and Chris (Lucas) broke out their laptops and started out writing stuff and Danny came up with the initial intro lick and I started rapping off words like 'Little Wayne pumping on my iPod' and everybody started filling in words from there and it was absolutely everybody's idea at the same time, it was really cool."
Asked to describe the song by Roughstock, Janson said, "It's just hillbilly, boot-stompin' music." He added: "What I wanted to write, what I envisioned we'd write that day and that's what came out, you know? I hope it takes people back to the beginnings of McGraw, between 'Indian Outlaw' and 'Real Good Man.'"
The song's music video was directed by Chris Hicky and as well as McGraw, it also features the singer's Country Strong co-star Garrett Hedlund as one of his trucking buddies.
Tim McGraw
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The video was filmed at the abandoned U.S. Pipe foundry in Chattanooga, TN
- CNL, Nashville, TN
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