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Oh Marcello! by Regina Spektor

Album: What We Saw From The Cheap SeatsReleased: 2012
  • Spektor sings in a fake Italian accent on this track, addressing a woman concerned that if she gives birth to a son, he'll become a serial killer. Like most of her songs, Spektor is portraying a fictional character rather than real-life events. "I think it's silly to assume that songs are from the direct life of the songwriter," she told American Songwriter magazine. "Nobody does that with novels. Nobody does that with movies or actors. If George Clooney plays an a--hole who walks around murdering people, nobody thinks that George Clooney is an a--hole who walks around murdering people. Everybody has this understanding that all these other artists are just channeling something and using their imaginations, but for whatever reason, people don't seem to feel that way about songwriting, I guess."
  • Does the chorus sound familiar to you? It's borrowed from Nina Simone/The Animals track, "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood."
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