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Godsmack lead singer Sully Erna wrote this. It became one of their most popular songs and hit #1 on the Mainstream Rock chart.
The CD was released on Halloween.
This was used in commercials for the US Navy's "Accelerate Your Life" recruiting campaign. The Navy also used the Godsmack song "Sick Of Life."
The radio version is significantly shorter.
On Godsmack's 2004 acoustic EP The Other Side, there is a new version of this song called "Asleep." The music is softer, the song is much shorter and there is the presence of a piano in the song. (thanks, Nick - Paramus, NJ, for all above)
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Comments (18):

This song is a good representation of high school.
- Zack, Noblesville, IN
I think it's just basically talking about being more weary of the people around you from bad experiences ("I'm awake because of you"). Sully plays rhythm guitar in live performances of this song.
- Zero, Nowhere, NJ
No matter what Sully and Godsmack record - ITS ALL AWESOME!!
- ROSE, lancaster, CA
THis song is about abortion. If u read the lyrics "because of you i'm alive." that means that the chick got knocked up. Just read the lyrics you will understand
- COOLDY, Delphos, OH
If you read sully's autobiography it says godsmack was formed over the cold sore incident.
- Jeff, helena, MT
"Sully Erna, the lead singer for Godsmack, has stated otherwise: "That's where we picked the name from. I was making fun of somebody who had a cold sore on his lip and the next day I had one myself and somebody said, 'It's a godsmack.' The name stuck. We were aware of the Alice in Chains song but didn't really think much about it. It's a cool song and the name had meaning for us".[3] However, many believe that this was part of Godsmack's attempt to distinguish themselves from the band that they have been compared to most frequently.[4]. Robbie Merril, the bassist for Godsmack, in the home video DVD "Smack This" stated "we stole it, from Alice in Chains"."~
- Anna, Moscow, Czech Republic
This is a great workout song...and a good song all-around.
- Steve, Toronto, ONT., Canada
The name Godsmack is also said to come from Alice in Chains cause their lead singer was sully erna's mentor, and on one of the alice in chains cd there is a song called "Godsmack"
- Jason, Whippany, NJ
I saw Sully in an interview about where the name "Godsmack" came from and he did give some lame explanation about how Godsmack is a form of Karma. Essentially God Smacking you.
- David, Las Vegas, NV
It's not Ohio State Reformitary where Shawshank Redemption was filmed. It was at Shawshank Penitentiary. Awesome song, I agree.
- Heather, Amelia, OH
"One day they where practicing or something and the guitarist had a cold sore or something on his lip. Sully made fun of him all day and the next day Sully came in with a cold sore or something on his lip and the guys said that he was smacked by god."

How the hell could you believe that? They are just embarrassed that they were an Alice in Chains cover band and figure if they deny, people will believe it. Hey, I guess they're right...
- Benihana, Godsmack, NE
The awake video was filmed at the Ohio Sate Reformatory same place Shawshank Redemption was filmed
- mel, columbus, OH
the band's name DID come from the alice in chains' song with the same name. sully erna loves the band and has said something along the lines of "i want to make great riffs like bands like alice in chains did". the band has said that they got the name from the alice in chains song "God Smack". do some reasearch, that's where the name came from.
- Robbie, south portland, ME
the bands name didn't come from Alice in chains, Heres how they got the name. One day they where practicing or something and the guitarist had a cold sore or something on his lip. Sully made fun of him all day and the next day Sully came in with a cold sore or something on his lip and the guys said that he was smacked by god. add two and two and there ya go they thought hey thats a good name and Godsmack it was.
- Farrah, Bucyrus, OH
this is my favorite godsmack song
- Billy Ross, Hagerstown, MD
I think you might be thinking of the video for Greed. The Awake video is shot in a prison.
- E-van, Lansdale, PA
The girl in the video is the same girl from the cover of the album. They found her picture in a tattoo magazine and purchased it from the photographer. Later on the girl from the picutre surfaced and they decided to use her for the video.
- christina, hamilton, MT
There is some whispering going on in the background during the interludes between the first and second verses. Does anyone know what this is?
- Nick, Paramus, NJ
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