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Nothing Else Matters by Metallica

Album: MetallicaReleased: 1991Charted:
  • Band members James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Kirk Hammett wrote this. According to Hetfield, he wrote the song about a girlfriend he once had, but when he looks back at it, he can't remember why he wrote it. Now, Metallica just considers it a song about their fans, because nothing else matters but their fans.
  • The orchestration in the song was arranged by Michael Kamen, who also conducted the San Francisco Symphony orchestra. This song appears on Metallica's 1999 live album S&M, which was recorded with the San Francisco Symphony orchestra. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Nick - Paramus, NJ, for all above
  • James Hetfield has cited the band's constant touring as an inspiration for this song. They wrote pieces of the song on their tour bus and in numerous hotels.
  • This is one of the few Metallica songs where James Hetfield played the guitar solo rather than Kirk Hammett. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • Hetfield explained this song to Mojo magazine December 2008. Said the Metallica singer: "It's about being on the road, missing someone at home, but it was written in such a way, it connected with so many people, that it wasn't just about two people, it was about a connection with your higher power, lots of different things."

    Hetfield added: "I remember going to the Hells Angels Clubhouse in New York, and they showed me a film that they'd put together of one of the fallen brothers, and they were playing 'Nothing Else Matters.' Wow. This means a lot more than me missing my chick, right? This is brotherhood. The army could use this song. It's pretty powerful."
  • Hetfield told Mojo that after penning this love ballad, he was initially concerned about playing it to the rest of the band. He explained: "At first I didn't even want to play it for the guys. I thought that Metallica could only be the four of us. These are songs about destroying things, head banging, bleeding for the crowd, whatever it is, as long as it wasn't about chicks and fast cars, even though that's what we liked. The song was about a girlfriend at the time. It turned out to be a pretty big song."
  • The 3/4 waltz time signature is more commonly associated with Classical pieces like "The Blue Danube," but select rockers have had success with it as well, as Metallica did on this track. The Jimi Hendrix song "Manic Depression" is also in 3/4.
  • The Scala & Kolacny Bros. recorded an acoustic choral version of this song for the soundtrack to Zero Dark Thirty, a 2012 thriller about the manhunt for Osama bin Laden, starring Jessica Chastain and Jason Clarke. >>
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    Charlie - Las Vegas, NV
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Comments: 113

No matter what black days might fall on you during your life.Drew - Ville, Tx
One of the most powerful and inner soul songs ever written. It is clearly from the soul and for the soul. no matter what blacks might fall on you, nothing else matters your soul will prevail.Drew - Ville, Tx
I don't know, but my interpretation of the song, especially in relation to the lyrics "never cared for what they do, never cared for what they know, but I know" and of course, "forever trusting who we are" is about staying true to who you are, and not letting other people's opinions or wicked ways change you. staying true to yourself. This song isn't really about love to me, as others have mentioned, but believing in who you are, and being yourself. That's why I love it so much.Emily - Perth , Australia
Yeah! I learned the intro within my first year of playing guitar. Is it true James wrote this (while talking) on the phone? Anyway, beautiful song! One of the first times James really SINGS (Unforgiven is the other one).Zero - Nowhere, Nj
the meaning that nothing else matters has on me and my boyfriend is that it was the song that he was listeing to when he first saw me and when we first kissed. so metallica has a great toll on ur relationship. so when i listen to nothing else matters i know that metallica did an awsome job at writting the song!!!Lea - Ironton, Oh
listen to this...
Brandon - Seneca, Il
Words are close to the heart as we trust our brothers n sisters as our are time is in travel n sometimes go unmarked. when nothing else matters apperience is a cover for soul of our lessons as we have the skills to c matterKimberly - Landing, Nj
This song means so much to me! Masterpiece.... <3Mary - Athens, Greece
This song is one of the best metal ballads of all time.Wendell - Milton, Pe
The thing is, though, this piece is actually written very symphonically. It's designed to get louder and softer throughout the song and swell notes (although really only the orchestra does that in the track). This is one of the best pieces ever written, and I'm glad it was.Jacob - Jackson, Tn
The only thing I don't like about this piece is the orchestra's not loud enough.Jacob - Jackson, Tn
this song makes me cry so hard..............awesome song thoughCedric - Las Vegas, Nv
This music, for me, is about my conflict, between what is told, what I have learn, my culture, everybody saying me what to do, in books, on tv, so deep, that is my blood flowing; and in the other side, my my desire to live as i want and as i wanted it to be. the but.., is that what i want, will I be successful? my culture says the way to be, as is as it says. but i doubt that, the question is: will i be successful being as i want to be? I'm afraid, because I am not sure. So, I am deciding...Zoigling - Lx, Portugal
One of hetfields best vocal performancesFred - Sweet Home Chicago,
though very soft compared to other metallica songs, this is the one which got me into metallica..... i still regard it as one of their best....Rahul - Chennai, India
Cool song..... it's got great harmony and nice drum beats...Congratulations Metallica for getting inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.Dean - Miami , Fl
I would like to thx James for this great song. Even my gf is not with me, this song makes me feel her presence.... Metallica for life!Hetfield - Port Louis, Mauritius
I like this part : every day 4 us somthin new
Open mind 4 diffrent of view
Maybe im hopeless
Monster - Rome, Italy
When playing this song at house party I did, I cried a little bit because it reminds me of my ex-girlfriend that I love so much but had to let go. Very beautiful song!Josh - Bowie, Md
Staind covered this song for Mtv icon MetallicaAustin - Smallsville, New England
The song means to things to me. One, in an interview about Cliff Burton's Death, Knowing he died in 1989, and the song recorded in 1991, it kind of means something about cliff's death, rest his soul. Also, my friends and I made a video for it about ww2, with a soldier (me), leaving his wife (my girlfriend), and never coming home. At the solo, we had him get shot down by an MG42, and after the solo, his wife recieves the letter that he had been killed. It ends in the 2 dancing in his wife's dream. I presented it as a project for school, and 1 girl in my class cried.Adam - Boston, Ma
one of my favorite metallica songsNathan - Marion, Ia
Well, this song was actually dedicated to me by my friend (she's as close as a gf could be). We live in the same country but we are still very far from each other. The starting stanza which goes like this:

"So close, no matter how far
Couldn't be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
and nothing else matters "

It somehow defines our relationship. We two maybe physically thousands of miles apart from each other, yet we share everything and are very close to each other. And these feelings we have for each other are truly and completely from our hearts :) And we trust each other enough and for that reason, "nothing else matters" ;)
The first stanza is what I would like to call our mutual feeling. However, the rest of the song looks more like from her side. I really wish that she truly means whats in the rest of the song :)
And yeah, her name is, well its 'Alien' ;) That's what I love to call her :P
Wasim - Belgaum, India
Everytime I hear this song it makes me cry. This was the favourite song of a very close girlfriend. We even sang it together at the party which would turn out to be her last. She and her boyfriend were driving home that same night and their car got hit by a drunken driver. It smashed sideways into a tree and she must have been dead immediately. We played this song at her funeral, so everytime I hear it, it reminds me of that moment and I start crying. Even at a Metallica concert I can't hold up the tears. And than this one time at the Werchter Festival in Belgium, I saw on the big screen that James was crying too during the solo and, although I know this may sound silly, for a moment I thought he must have felt the pain and grief I felt, too.Jan - Antwerp, --
this may sound weird....everytime i hear this song it makes me think of his relationship with God. Almost saying he doesnt need structured religion (ie. protastant christian) that its just him and God, he likes it that way and nothing else matters. "trust i seek and i find in you" "Never cared for what they do.
Never cared for what they know" i think its cool...
Janice - Miramichi, Nb
This reminds me of an ex boyfriend that I still love and I know I will always love. He is getting married in a week or two. When I heard about it, it broke my heart. I know that I will always feel "so close no matter how far." He is a huge Metallica fan too. Now that he is getting married I truly feel that "nothing else matters." I feel that alot of people can relate to this song. No matter what is going on in your life, any obstacle course can be connected to the lyrics in this song. We choose to interpret lyrics differently depending what we are going through in life.Courtney - Salt Lake City, Ut
this song changed meaning everytime i hear it because i have a diffrent problem every day and this song helps me deal with it metallica this is the best song ever!Cody - Owen Sound, On
"life is ours we live it our way" don't let anyone tell you how to live your life those people can't be trusted but " trust i seek and i find it in you" I think means that people who are like you can be trustedCody - Owen Sound, On
This song gives me chills when i listen to it, i think it is about trust your self and never let anyone tell you other wise about who you areCody - Owen Sound, On
the lyrics "so close no matter how far" were james' grandads last words.
they mean that even though hes not physically there him and james will always stay close. no matter how far away he is
Adam - Cork, Ireland
Best song of Metallica, i started hearing Metallica after hearing this words like " I never open my self this way " & " Trust i seek & i find in you " touched my heart .very superb guitaring parts from start till the end . a song about Love, Trust, Loyalty, Faith & FriendshipAxl1987 - Mumbai, India
Never Care For What They Say Never Care For Games They Play Never Care For What They Do Never Care For What They Know And I KNOW!

Just for trusting and Loyalty!!
Fani - Avlon, Greece
This is my take on the song/lyrics meaning. I think it started out as a love song but became more of James looking at himself in love or others (maybe parents that split) in love and how fake it was because it was just that initial "infatuation" stage where, literally, nothing else matters. Food. Sleep. Job. Family (if you already have one). Etc. Nothing matters except being with that other person in your mind or in person. It is sick and is sad because so many people think this stage is real love. It isn't. You have to get past that stage, move into the conflict stage and get past the conflict stage onto a deeper love but most people give up when the infatuation passes.Heather - Cary, Nc
This song is the greatest song by metallica. It has so much feelings and touch...Freddy - Ask√ły, Norway
What I love most in this song is 'Never opened myself this way', 'Trust I seek and I find in you' and the guitar solo in the end.Katerina - Thessaloniki, Greece
"He who seeks for Satan"
Narrow cared for what they say, narrow cared how games they played, narrow care for what they do, never care now they know, cause I know
This language continieus all over the river.
An other favo of me is gone incein, that memorie remained. Damn right, because i'm unforgiven too!
Rqpon - Den Helder, Netherlands
this was the first metallica song i ever listened to. It opened me up to some of their better song. Still it is one of my favorite songs. Its not dull its great. Metallica 4 life.Ej - Brownwood, Tx
even after the last crapy record they put out in my opinion this is still the worst metallica song ever. All of the other songs have a meaning or a reason, or theyre really cool like seek and destroy. This song is slow, dull and about nothing important and i hate it. It does give me 5 minits to sit and get some joints ready during a metallica concert, witch i consider to be the best show on earth.George - Jackson, Nj
"never opend myself this way..." i love this song so much because he must swallow his pride to see the right path.Kenneth - Loganville, Ga
This is a truly amazing song. It gives me chills when I hear it. Definitely my favorite Metallica song. I'm pretty sure its about love, relationships, etc. In other words, no matter how far apart they are, they're still so close emotionally.Dana - Hoover, Al
I love to play this song on drums, it's so soothing and it's Metallica, so i just love it.Dylan - Olmsted Falls, United States
love the lyrics to this tune, love the guitar, love james, love metallica! brilliant song, even better performed liveLaura - Perth, West Australia
I have to hear this song at least once a day, but usually its heard several times. I even have a CD I burned solely with different versions of it that stay in the car CD changer. I first heard heard when it was released and I was living in France, when I was 15 and for weeks played it repeatedly. It just touches a place no other song does, it means something slightly different everytime, and I hear something different in it each time I hear it. Its simplicity and complexity are a paradox of the sort that only comes in musical terms from the mind of a genius, which James clearly is. I'll have this song played for my first dance at my wedding, my funeral and thousands of times in between. I'll even play and sing it at my own first gig. And no guys, I don't have OCD!Ricky - Peterborough, United States
This song is just amazing. I love it! I know it's about the fans but it really reminds me of me and my girlfriend. We live in different towns but like the song says, so close no matter how far. GREAT SONG!!!Diego - Los Angeles, Ca
this is the best song iv ever heard..
contains the soft rock genre.. the guitar played by James is excellent..
it describes about wen u luv sumone, how important 'TRUST' is & well nothing else matters..
Cyrus - Baroda, Other
This song stinks. The Black Album stinks. The begining of the end for Metallica. Thanks guys for turning your backs on your core fans you bunch of wankers!Blair - Peterborough, Canada
Nothing else matters is my all time favourite song.It touched my heart,it's like i forget the world around me and go into dreams floating in the air.It's kinda' like that and the most piercing part of the song is the guitar at the end of the song(lead guitar)played by James...it's awesome guys u know my whole body shivers listening to that guitar...Metallica rules!!!It's my favourite bandShanthi Pratheek - Hyderabad, India
Jeff - Joliet, Il
This was the first song I ever heard from Metallica, and to me its the best (being of the soft-core variety in my opinion). To me this song is about someone that I want to be happy always, and nothing else matters.Cj - Somewhere, England
This song gives me the chills whenever I listen to it.Kayla - Coquitlam, Canada
i like how you can interpret this song in so many ways - could be about your girlfriend or any other loved, could be about friendship. just beautiful.Joseph - Marikina, Other
This song is my ULTIMATE favourite song. really simple. Was my first metallica song. ITs absolutely beautiful...and it can mean alot of different things to different ppl.
Metallaica rules!!
nothing else matters rules even more!!
Mari - Mumbai, India
Me too DJ (donald). I still play it all the time.Ella - Sydney, Australia
this song means the world to me, mainley it was one of the first sont i learned to play on guitar.Dj(donald) - Marthasville, Mo
This song means a lot to me because my boyfriend is always plaing it for me on the guitar. Also, when he's gone for band stuff, I can always play this song and think of him and be happy. It's a great song and not to mention, fun to play on the guitar as wellRachel - Susanhell, Ca
This song is my favourite, it got me into heavy metal and rock and everthing, and it means loads to me because my ex close friend / ex- kinda used me guy , used to always play that song for me on his guitarClara - Port, Ireland
Without this song i would have never gotten into Metallica. This song means so much to me ever since it was played one day at work i've been hoocked. I think a lot of people can relate to this song as to them, nothing else matters exept what is very important to them. and with a powerful guitar solo, there's no wonder so many people love this song. I'd have to give it an 11 out of 10 in my books!!!!!
Charlie, Norfolk, England.
Charlie - Ormesby, England
This is my favorite Metallica song of all, for many reasons. Firstly, this is the song that got me into both playing guitar (I'm learning the classical method so I can put together my own music similar to this and Fade to Black :). Besides, if you can play classical you can pretty much play anything.) ...and into Metallica themselves. For a short while though, Creeping Death was my favorite, then I met my current girlfriend and now the song has amazing lyrical value as well and quickly re-became my favorite. It fits perfect: Everyone is against us, my own family looks down on me for it under the certain circumstances, but I "Never cared for what they say..."The Aaron - Nunyabidness, Mo
I'm not particularly into heavy metal music, but this has to be one of the best songs I have ever heard - I have 4 different video clip performances of the band playing this song. I never tire of it, and thank God Kirk talked James into including it on one of their albums.Miles - Queanbeyan, Australia
I was watching the video of metallicas black album on my psp and James Hetfield said that when he started writing this song he was on the phone and just started pluck the open strings at the beginning of the song. He said then he hung up the phone and just started adding hammer ons and pulloffs. He didnt intend this song to be a Metallica song, he didnt think it was metallica material, but then one of the band members heard him playing it and it went from thereJacob - Mabelvale, Ar
To me this song is about someone that is really important to you in life who can truly understand you and you get along really well even though you are two very different people. For the most part I think this could be looked at as about the fans, as a love song, and just about a friend or a really important person that you will never forget and who will always be special to youSarah - Chicago, Il
This is the song that my fiancee and I will have our first dance to at our wedding next year. great song for couples.Paul - Derry, Ireland
My boyfriend is a big metallica fan and he sed this song makes him think of us which i thought was really sweet! xLaura - Wincanton, England
This is one of my all-time favoutite songs. When I first heard it, I thought that it was dedicated to the Vietnam Veterans (and all war-veterans at that)- thus such lines like "Never cared for what they say... Never cared for what they do...". Comparing to all the other comments, though it is only just an opinion.Josh - Brisbane, Australia
Reading all of the other comments, well...i can see how, in this song, they could be singing to fans, and such...but if you really read each lyric, it makes for the perfect love song, and puts much significance on how a particular person is the only thing that is truly significant to someone, and how when you love someone, you put all of your trust in (forever trusting who we are), and have an open mind to their views and see things through their perspective (open mind for a different view) and how this person has opened up to the person they love, in which they have never done before, to anyone else. (never opened myself this way...) in simple terms, when you are in truly love with someone, and you have put all of your trust in them..and they may be the only person who can genuinely understand who you are inside..... no matter what anyone else says, nothing else matters.Steff - Louisville, Ky
nothing else matters is a really good metallica song. metallica is my fav band ever and their music inspires other people (including myself) to do their best. there was another version of Nothing else matters recorded called the "Elevator Version" which had one acoustic guitar played by james and the symphony orchestra. awesome mix and it suits the songJessie - Brisbane, Australia
James Hetfield Wrote it about the life of Having girlfriends come and go " We got Married during and justice for all and were devorcied by The black album but the song still means something-James"Matt - Mentor, Oh
GREAT SONG FOR METALLICA--i'll never get bored of it.............BUT, how come i saw on :www.themetsource.com that this song,nothing else matters was written by James after his Grandfather died, and his last words were:"So close, no matter how far/Couldn't be much more from the heart/Forever trusting who we are/And nothing else matters"........Charbel - Sydney
anon speaks true words of wisdom man...Ben - Chinatown, Hong Kong
this song was written about hetfields gf...he wrote it wen they were on the road and it is sayin no matter how far u get from some1, u will never be far away from them in ur heart...just watch there "metallica - Black" dvd, but yeah, VERY awsome song, i love it! one of my favs...along wiv a lot of other metallica songs! 1st tallica song i heard and made me buy 1 album...which led on to all 10 :D cheers!Vinnie - Devon
This song reminds me of special guy in my life, now somebody elses boyfriend. He was the only person who ever made me feel comletely safe in his arms, and he remains an enigma.
It reminds me of lazy afternoon skiving off Games and chilling out with mates, (o just sleeping in the same room).
It always makes me cry.
One of my faves.
Hypnolinth - Plymouth, England
I'm going to have to disagree with all of you and say this is my least favorite Metallica song, just because it seems like any old hair metal or glam metal band could have written this about one of their groupies. Also, I'm naturally inclined to hate all slow songs by metal bands (with the exception of Fade to Black). Get back to thrash metal!Anon. - Twin Cities, Mn
This is indeed Metallica's best song. It's just a touch of genious! And a very good slow song too ;)Bavo - Oostrozebeke, Belgium
This is the first song of metalica I ever heard and I Think I was about 7 years old when I heard it for the first time and it was my favorite song ever since then. actually this song was the reason I started drumming so thanks metallica!!!Nick - Geraardsbergen, Belgium
When you play a few strings on your guitar while on the phone and figure out a basic structure for a song, youre a genius. James is a Genius! When you turn it into a masterpiece with syphonics and a wicked solo, youre a music god. James is a music god! Every beginner guitarist's fave.Marthinus - Sa, South Africa
every time i hear it, it totally pumps me up and sends shivers through my spine! i love it! wicked song!Sarah - Marlborough, New Zealand
metalica played this song better in blackNick - Laguna Niguel, Ca
this is totally the bestest best song metallica have done. compare this to "damage inc" and you'll know what extremes metallica can go to.Amol - Aurangabad, India
I think this songs about someone whos been hurt alot but still has someone to trust, but im only guessingCarley - Grande Prarie, Canada
I ABSOLUTLY LOVE this song. Me and my b/f dont meet eye to eye on music, but this is one of the few songs we agree on--thats proble why its "our" song. It has got us through a lot of tough times. VERY wonderful song! Love it.Lindsey - Somewhere, Wi
Not their style!?!?!?!?!? This is what made metallica not just a good metal band, but a great one. It demonstrated an ability NOT to wail on electrics, but to take it down a notch and sound beautiful and intrigueing.Rar - Flint, Mi
it isnt really their style but it is still a really good songEvileye_8@msn.com - Perth, Australia
"so close, no matter how far
couldnt be much more from the heart
forever trust in who you are
and nothing else matters"
-James hetfeild's Grandfather's last words
Mike - Anaheim, Ca
really a nice songs with so many philosophical sentences, gives me the way to move on...Mai Trang - Helsinki, France
I have heard many things about the meaning of this song, but when i first learned how to play it on guitar, it reminded me of all of metallica's fans and all the people who look up to them as their role model...I personally think it's one of their best songs that they recordedRuss - Elkton, Wa
Before I started playing Guitar my cousin Alex played this a lot and snowed me the first part. He's a wicked guitar player. I love this song. It's supreme.Michael Picard - Lapwai, Id
I have been trying to figure out how to play this on the electric guitar and it is so hard so if anyone knows how to play it, please let me know. This song is awesome, the best Metallica song ever, along with Unforgiven.Ashley - San Bernardino, Ca
Jake! how could you call this easy! just bevause it's softer doesn't make it any easier. It took me quite some time to get all the acoustic rythms and solos down. If you want a realy easy cover song though, try for whom the bell tolls. Great song, but very simple.

Also the reason the intro is all open strings is because James started writing it while he was on the phone with his girlfriend and had only one hand free.
Ian - Hamilton, Canada
This is my favorite song. Two reasons. 1) it is totally awesome, easily Metallica's best. 2)It examples Metallica's ability to combine slow and moving with hardcore vocals that totally get stuck in your head.Cody - Houston, Ak
This is mine and my boyfriend's song.Nina - Townsville, Oh
ive seen the video clip of nothing else matters with san francisco symph and oddly there is a guitar solo on it, but s&m album version doesnt.......although its generally said that kirk did all guitar work on it, but in live versions when james plays guitar, the 2 parts sound so good i think kirk actually did play it on the album......this song along with fade to black are easily metallicas bestSam - Sydney, Australia
This is one of my favorite songs by Metallica. Genius how they can make a song that isn't heavy, but not too soft either.Jessica - Des Plaines, Il
if anyone is looking for a metallica song to cover, this would be the easiest metallica song to cover.Jake - Burke, Va
one word.....perfectionDanny - Liverpool, England
The Song "Nothing Else Matters" Through The Rest Of Metallica's "Madly In Anger With The World" Tour, Is Gonna Be Dedicated To A Fan Named Christopher, Who Was A Cancer Patient, Who Was A Fan Of Metallica, He Was Invited To One Of Their Shows, He Was Too Ill To Attend. Metallica Sent Someone To The Hospital Gave Christopher An Autographed Shirt & A Recording Of "Nothing Else Matters". He Died A Coupla Days Later.Chris - Andover, Mn
Im not a real big metallica fan but nothing else matters is an excellent song. But it sounds to me like the song is about ur own life and sadly the only person in ur life is u and nothing else matters.Anonymous
I think songs like these are the what makes them the best songs ever written. We'll probably never know what this song is actually about, but people like us will keep on guessing. We dont really need to know what a song like this is about, because the idea of what we think its is about may be much better.Richard - Runcorn, England
Response to Anthony in Melrose Park,IL:
Kirk plays the intro as well as numerous pieces that James cannot play. Yes James did the solo and the rythm but Kirk also played his role as lead guitarist
Josh - El Paso, Tx
i think this is one of the must under rated metallica songs ever made along with wherever i may roam and fade to black. this song is much better than enter sandman will ever be... any true metallica fan knows that...Billy - Seminole, Fl
On the Black Album, Kirk doesn't play one note on the track Nothing Else Matters. James did ALL the guitar work. I think the song is basically about ignoring all the BS and just doing your own thing. Thats what Metallica is all about in a way. James is singing about the Metallica experience. The band and his loved ones are his inner circle and nothing else matters.Anthony - Melrose Park, Il
When performed with the San Fransisco Symphony Orchestra in 1999, Lars Ulrich's Drumming comes in after the first verse unlike the album version when the drumming comes in when the singing starts.Alastair - Sydney, Australia
Nothing Else Matters is a great song but i do not think he is talking about the fans or his girlfriend. "Never cared for what they do, never cared for what they know, never cared for what they say, never cared for games they played." He is obviously talking about something deeper, but he probably didn't want to say what it really meansAndrew - Ronkonkoma, Ny
Beautiful song, shows all the people who think Metallica are just noise (i.e. parents of teenagers like me!) that they have a gentle sensitive side. The intro reminds me of 'Stairway to Heaven'; did James Hetfield have this in mind when he wrote this?Tom - Trowbridge, England
This is the greatest slow song of all time!!i think im correct in saying that james wrote this when he was on the road, its about being away from the ones you love but still being close to their heartDean - Blackburn, England
I always thought this song was about following a dream and not listening to detractors.Brian - Pittsburgh, Pa
this song shows the talent that metallica has for combining slow melodic riffs with heavy elecric riffs. this song wouldnt be complete without kamens orchestral talent either. R.I.P. micheal kamen.Will - Mcallen , Tx
Nothing Else Matters was written by James Hetfeild and was never actually gonna be on the black album, but Kirk Hammet heard it and liked it, so they put it on Black Album.Rob - Canon City, Co
The song isn't so much about a love so much, I think, as it is about a relationship of fufilled trust, and the power of that trust.Brian - Mayfield Heights, Oh
the orchestra wrote a whole piece for this song, but in the recording studio it kept getting cut to shreds and got quiter and quiter so you only hear a fraction of it on the trackLouis - London, England
Great song with a catchy guitar part. It gets stuck in your head easliyBrian - Vacaville, Ca
I heard James saying that "Nothing Else Matters" was written by him in the tour bus and in hotels all over the world.Glen - Fgura, Europe
I heard that same story about "Mama Said"Nick - Paramus, Nj
In the documentary on when Metallica recorded the black album (the album (I've heard) is really called 'metallica' but is referred to by everyone including the band as 'the black album') James said that 'Nothing Else Matters' was a very personal song and that it was never meant to be on the album. Fortunately, the rest of the band overheard him playing it one day and 'forced' it onto the album.Emma - Kingston, England
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