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Death Blooms



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This was written by Kud about his grandmother and how she was neglected by her family because she was getting on in years. (thanks, Nick - Paramus, NJ)
Chad "Kud" Gray's grandmother, Bett Rae, was clearly a profound influence on her grandson's life. She raised Chad and used to bring him to the local choir where he learnt to sing. Betty Rae died in 2005 having battled cancer for several years.
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Comments (7):

this is a very awsome song love it
- matt, wilmington, OH
This Song rules aye love mudvayne!
- Rhys, Mandurah, WA
this song kicks ass and all i can say is that it prolly has something to do with dying of old age.
- Clovis, Ft. Wayne, IN
This song has a very philosophical meaning to me as well, whether Chad Gray meant it to or not. This song reminds me of the classic battle of the ancient philosophers, such as Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato. They all believed in the other world, the one you go to when you die, and it's superior power to this one. They, especially Plato, agreed that such power could be experienced on this plane if one could learn to ignore the distractions. Everyone is torn in three directions in life, constantly, and this is similar to today's modern theories of the Id, Ego, and Super Ego. These philosophers believed that one is torn between the mind, the heart, and the lower regions. The mind is the intellect and logical part of us. The heart is the passionate yet irrational part of us. The lower regions represent the source of everyone's greatest weaknesses. Socrates stated that the very need for food, our hunger, showed just how weak and imperfect the human body is. It represents the basic desires, like those for food or sexual pleasure. On a related tangent, Buddhism is the only religion, that I know of, that believes that the ultimate happiness (Nirvana, comparable to "heaven") can be achieved on earth, on this plane. How can this be done with so much pain in life?, one may ask. Pain is the absence or removal of a fulfilled desire. One attains Nirvana by gradually realeasing all desires in life. It starts by renouncing worldly possessions, but along the way, one is supposed to no longer need food as well. To me, this is the essence of what the ancient philosophers believed, as well as the key underlying meaning of this song. "Pull me out of body, don't want it, don't want in...don't want it, it wants me... memories in me, cocooned in misery...The darkness overcomes, soul soars to the other plane, I sail through purgatory's bay." The ancient philosophers were right. Everything changes (Staind would agree), there are only two constants in life, work and pain. Learn to enjoy the work, learn to appreciate and learn from pain, they you will understand and love the essence of life. "In the space between a blink and a tear, Death Blooms"
- Craig, Lubbock, TX
I think that this song has a lot of meaning and Chad Gray (the singer and song writer) is a great song writer. He Writes about things that are not only weird and exciting but also things that he wants us to know about and to write about this song means that he probably wants us to take care of our people and not neglect them!!! I love you Chad
- Nicole, Chippewa Falls, WI
the prayer type saying at the end of the song is the best part of the entire song.
- Prophet, East Haven, VT
It's about becoming old and not wanting to live anymore. You feel your time has come and there is no point in your staying and decaying, so to speak, on this earth.
- Gary, Madisonville, KY
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