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Marooned by Pink Floyd

Album: The Division BellReleased: 1994
  • This won a Grammy for Best Instrumental Recording. It was the only Grammy Pink Floyd ever won.
  • This was one of three songs from The Division Bell to appear on the Pink Floyd Greatest Hits Double CD, Echoes. The others were "High Hopes" and "Keep Talking". >>
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    Matt - Russell Springs, KY, for above 2
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Comments: 30

Does anyone know what the songwriter's meaning to the song is?Dan - Usa
James Guthrie engineered (with others) THE WALL, Alan Parsons engineered DARK SIDE OF THE MOON (DSOTM), anyone with an ear for music can tell the difference... Parsons is the reason DSOTM album did what it did, stay on the billboard charts for fourteen years! Well, the band helped, lol.
Pink Floyd isn't rock, it's not progressive, and its definitely NOT "psychedelic", Pink Floyd just is like Bob Marley just is...they don't belong in a genre...they're in a class of their own.
I can talk Floyd ALL day, literally. DG was the reason I bought a guitar, then I bought THE WALL tablature book and haven't looked back.
A lot of "Floyd" fans don't know that Barrett was the co-creator of OF until he missed a practice because he chose to have a drug orgy one night and wasn't sitting outside when the van pulled up to pick him up. DG was already playing backup for Syd, fun/sad fact, David Gilmour was Syd's guitar teacher/instructor, taught him all he knew. But with or w/out Roger DAVID GILMOUR is the guitar sound, Richard and DG's harmonies are what made those songs so amazing! Roger, phenom lyricist but he liked to scream so if you ask me (you didn't) DG was the missing ingredient to PF's sound. It's just sad Rogers ego had to be hidden behind his limo-dark aviators...

I wanna go home...
Take off this uniform
And leave the show.
But I'm waiting in this cell
Because I have to know [have to know]
Have I been guilty all this time?

"Pink suddenly realizes the delusional depths to which he's fallen in the shadow of his wall and decides to find out whether he's responsible for his corrupted mental state."
Floyd - Fort Lauderdale, Fl
Motherf**king Christopher Cross cheated them out of Best Album in 1980. For goddamn "The Wall" no less!

Oh, but Pink Floyd did win "Best Engineered Album." What the hell does that even mean?
Tim - Union City, Ca
It's the only *song* they won a Grammy for, but The Wall(1979) did win the Grammy in 1981 for "Best Engineered Album of 1980" How it lost for Best Album to Christopher Cross is a scandal that makes the Jethro Tull Heavy Metal Grammy look like nothing!Terry - Wickford, Ri
Floyd only did 2 albums after Waters left, and they were both infinitely more listenable than The Final Cut or The Wall. Marooned would have to stand out as the best Floyd instrumental of all time, and it's easy to see the Gilmour was able to pour his soul into this album, rather than being stifled behind Waters' dogmatic approach to songwriting.Peter - Townsville, Australia
every time i listin to this song i fell an overwhelming sense of being completely lostDerrick - Nowere, Wi
look up Dave's performance of marooned at the stratocaster's 50th anniversary show. He plays Strat #00000001Jeremy - Ventura, Ca
Dave used a Digitech Whammy pedal to create the high notes and some of the bending. With the pedal set to pitch shift up 1 octave he could bend notes much higher than the guitar neck would normally go.Kevin - Warren, Mi
Ah, so David Gilmour finally works out how to create a proper melody using the infamous backwards wah-wah pedal effect! Loads better than the middle part of Echoes and Is There Anybody Out There? which also feature this technique!Michael - Oxford, England
To Bill who says "What Do You Want From Me" is quoted by Gilmour as being about the fans.... If you want to know anything about the lyrics you need to interview his wife who wrote them! The lyrics are so watered down (pardon the pun) it pretty much has no meaning whatsoever.Myspace.com/tobycole - Other Than That I Give It A 5, Ny
a guitar solo. one of the best guitar solos of all time. f*ck guitar solos. derivative? hell yes. Dave is comparable to dick cheney - too much is never enough. his food intake is just scratching the surface of a sea of over-indulgence. you want to talk about self-gratification? just listen to him whack off with his guitar for 45 minutes. WOW.
Myspace.com/tobycole - Ny, Ny
Bill, Erie, PA - "What Do You Want From Me" is quoted by Gilmour as being about the fans. If you listen to the words, he is asking
"Should I sing until I cant sing any more
Play these strings until my fingers are raw"

He is telling them to back off, he is not a deity that needs to be worshiped.

BTW, Marooned was a 1 take cut by Gilmour.
Jai - Atlanta, Ga
The version on Echoes does not do this song justice at all. This is probably one of my favorite Floyd Instrumentals...absolutely amazing.Sina - Memphis, Tn
Division Bell is a fine Pink Floyd record. It may not measure up to Dark Side or Wish You Were Here but those were rock masterpieces and not many records measure up to those two.
I find that most people that bash The Division Bell are frustrated Waters fans that are mad because Roger's solo material achieved no commercial success at all and was never really accepted by Pink Floyd fans or critics.
Gilmour - Lockport, Ny
And "What Do You Want From Me" is, in my humble opinion, a totally inane, arrogant, prissy attack on the man who made Pink Floyd what it was, Roger Waters. Of the two, Gilmour is the better instrumentalist, but he cannot hold a candle to Waters' lyrics, or the creative insight that went into Floyd albums from "Dark Side" to "The Final Cut", and continues to go into Waters' solo work.Bill - Erie, Pa
The only bright spot on an album that is really not worth listening to. Gilmour had to rely on his wife to write all the lyrics for his songs on the album. With this song, he wisely decided to forgo lyrics and let his guitar do the talking.Bill - Erie, Pa
I agree with the comments that this song reminds you of a lone wanderer. I picture a man walking the streets of New York, not knowing where he is going and knowing at any moment, his life can change.Tony - Boston, Ma
Actually, Marooned IS the best song on THE DIVISION BELL. Second best would be POLES APART and 3rd would be KEEP TALKING.Yuya - Kyoto, Japan
This cd has to be one of the best pieces of music written.I really don't care who's in this band!this is pure poetry.grab your headsets and prepare for a visual ride.life is too short...enjoy the now!before your looking out your mirror and seeing no-one.Kelpbeds - Point Loma, Ca
One of my favourite songs from my favourite band. David Gilmour is an amazing guitarist and I can never get enough of this song. His solo albums have some great instrumental songs aswell if you can be bothered to check them out... 5 minutes of amazing guitar solo.. Who could ask for more?Dev01d - Wollongong, Australia
In my opinion this song is about a small lone Island on the horizon......Pink Floyd changed the creative world forever...Pete - Los Angeles, Ca
I agree with Ash from Charleston, What Do You Want From Me is the best song from The Division Bell, but Marooned is also pretty awesome, and The Division Bell is a better album than A Momentary Lapse Of Reason.Ashley - Moncton, Canada
I think we can all agree that all floyd albums are pieces of work that NO ONE can touch. I also think this was by far the best album without Roger. Floyd just didn't have the same sound after he left. Momentary Lapse of Reason is too 80's sounding in my opinion, but The Division Bell is better than Momentary Lapse of Reason, partly because it features Richard Wright.

I'm a Floyd Nerd... I could discuss them ALL DAY...
Josh - Dallas, Ga
This song is Probably one of My Favourite Instrumentals of all Times, It Depicts a Story(in my mind) of a Lone Wanderer Alone on The Shore wondering if he'll ever get home.
A Perfect Pink Floyd Song
David - Port Hawkesbury, Canada
No way! "What Do You Want From Me" is the best song on the album! I'd go so far as to call it one of the best songs of 1994, in fact, which was a year of some pretty terrific music.Ash - Charleston, Wv
Poles apart is by far the best song on the album, also Coming back to life, and Wearing the inside out were great, this album is the best floyd did without watersSean - Newmarket, Canada
I disagree with Bob, the Division Bell was not Pink Floyd's best album, but "Marooned" and "High Hopes" both made it worth buying.Dave - Cardiff, Wales
Excellent song, I love it! The version on Echoes, the best of, only tells half the story! When it get's going, this song is just brilliant.Allen - Leicestershire, England
Only good song on Division Bell.Bob - Mt. Laurel, Nj
The version of this on Echoes is only about 2 minutes long, edited down from the original which was about 5 minutes.Kurt - Downers Grove, Il
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