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Indian Summer by The Doors

Album: Morrison HotelReleased: 1970
  • This was one of the first songs The Doors recorded. They played it on a demo they recorded in 1965. They did not release it until 1970 because they didn't feel the recording quality was up to standard.
  • Indian Summer is an extended warm spell in Autumn.
  • This hypnotic piece was inspired by a car accident in the desert when Jim Morrison was four years old, and his family was on the way to New Mexico. A family of Native Americans were injured and possibly killed. Morrison was quoted as saying: "The souls of the ghosts of those dead Indians... were just running around freaking out, and just leaped into my soul. And they're still in there." This scene is portrayed at the beginning of Oliver Stone's movie The Doors. >>
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    chloe - st. louis, MO
  • Even though this was one of the first songs they wrote, The Doors never played it live because they thought it would sound insignificant compared to "The End," an Oedipal opus that was a staple of their early live shows.
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Comments: 15

If I had to listent o one song for the rest of my life, it would be Indian Summer.
This song represents my life.
Britt - Boston, Ma
so beautifull, only jim could write thisNick - Seattle, Albania
Don't try to understand the underlying meaning - just that it is a beautiful song. It was our wedding song August 4th 1990.Karyn - Bend, Or
My favorite band is the doors and i first heard the song on the doors movie by oliver stone since then i have been hooked i showed it to my girlfriend and if we get married that song will be played numerous timesKevin - Ocean Grove, Afghanistan
This song was recorded during the sessions for the first album in August 1966. That's why it sounds so different than the rest of the material on the "Morrison Hotel" LP.Barry - New York, Nc
Very basic lyrics,still a good song.Valentina - Los Angeles, Ca
'The End' is about Mary WerbelowNadi - Adelaide, --
i believe this song wasn't about Pamela Courson for the simple reason that when Jim wrote this, in 1965, he hadn't met Pam yet. At this time his true love was a fine woman named Mary Werbelow (bad spelling maybe)
so no it's not about Pam.
one more thing: Indian Summer was the first doors song i heard, hypnotizing is the least i could say, and this was the begining of everythg ...
Mounia - Beirut, Lebanon
i hope its about Pam, it's the most beautiful song i have ever heard. definately going to be my wedding song one day. its so powerful it brings tears to my eyesNady - Adelaide, Australia
I love this song! It's so pretty, and it makes me want to sing. I can't sing too well, but it sounds nice with this song.Naioka - Sptsyltuckey, Va
This Summer, almost went with Lennon's "Love" as our wedding song...last minute my soul said, "Indian Summer"...I went with it, and so very glad I did...For us, it says it all, quite simply, and poignantly...Vita - L.a., Ca
great contemplative song for a hot summer night filled with love, wine and soft musicEric - Maastricht
This Songs Means a Change from seasons probaly talking about a new love meeting in the summer means happiness and beuty like an Indian SummerFreddy - Dinuba, Ca
This song seems like its about Pam Courson. Is it?Car - Tulsa, Ok
Jim morrison is known for having an interest in native americans.Janelle - New York City, Ny
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