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D'you Know What I Mean by Oasis

Album: Be Here NowReleased: 1997Charted:
  • The Morse code in the background says "bugger all" "pork Pies" and "strawberry fields forever." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    dean - chalfont, England
  • The line, "The Fools on the hill and I feel fine," appears to be some sort of tribute to The Beatles song "The Fool On The Hill." Oasis are known to use The Beatles song titles in a number of their song lyrics. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Gavin - Leeds, England
  • British producer Mark Coyle created the backward bits. Coyle is sometimes thought of as the "6th member" of Oasis. He became friends with Noel Gallagher when they were both roadies for The Inspiral Carpets. When Noel joined Oasis, Coyle was brought in as sound technician, and he also produced much of their debut album Definitely Maybe. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France
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Comments: 16

Saw them do this song at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1998. They did a great light effect - spinning triple white beams - to get that helicopter blade feeling. Everyone rags on Oasis cuz they were a-holes. But What's The Story Morning Glory is as good an album as there is.Kramo - Toronto, Canada
The fools in the hill and I feel fine, don't think it could be a tribute to the Beatles song 'I feel fine' as well do you?Chris - Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
That's because americans don't understand good music..Pjotr - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oasis was such an unextraordinary band. I'll never understand why they were so popular in England.Jeff - Austin, Tx
The lyrics "Bring it on home" is a reference to the Led Zeppelin songOllie - Jersey, United Kingdom
Luke from Manchester and Sunshine from Houston TX - Oasis first two albums were two of the best albums of the 1990s. From 1997 onwards they came off the boil, but at their peak they were an excellent band. They've certainly done more than just three "good" songs!Dave - Cardiff, Wales
Luke, that was mean. True but still mean.Sunshine - Houston, Tx
Blood on the Tracks is also a Bob Dylan album.Dean - Manchester, England
Claire, that means Oasis now have three good songs out of how many albums? 6? 7? Those aren't good oddsLuke - Manchester, England
ive seen the making of this song and yes there were some digitally inhanced helicopters but there was one which they had too use to copy from. you will probably notice the helicopters in the same shot always do the same movement. thats because they have copied the original one flying around.Connagh - London, England
i'm afraid all the helicopters in this video were digitally comped in later on... there were no real helicopters on the scene when this video was shot...Shehryar - Islamabad, Pakistan
Although it topped the charts when it was released, Noel says he isn't particularly fond of the song. The guitar chords on both the verse and the chorus are essentialy the same as the chords used for the verse in the Oasis single "Wonderwall" (Em7 G/Dsus2 Asus4).Ronnie - Huddersfield, England
while they were making the video for this song they had a major problem and that was the wind produced from the helicopters needed in the video was blowing over and breaking all there amps and power boxes so eventully they had to tie everything to the floor.Connagh - London, England
I love this song I think it's one of the best songs Oasis have released.Claire - Manchester, England
the weird sounding lyrics are actually the chorus played backwards (all my people right here right now, d'you know what i mean, yeah yeah)Simon - Newcastle, England
There are many lyrics in this song that pay tribute to other songwriters/bands: "Blood on the Tracks" is a Dylan album and "Fool on the Hill and I Feel Fine" are Beatles songs. Not sure if "Must be mine" is a tribute or not.Scott - Normal, Il
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