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Undercover by No Doubt

Album: Push And ShoveReleased: 2012
  • Push and Shove is the first No Doubt album on which vocalist Gwen Stefani and bassist Tony Kanal collaborated on the songwriting (they had previously only worked together on the singer's solo albums). Stefani told The Sun: "It was the first time we both wrote lyrics and melodies. Tony was a lifesaver as I was so exhausted. He'd gone to classes and learned how to play the piano and how to use Pro Tools and wrote a lot of songs. He inspired me and helped me because I didn't have the luxury of time. In the past I'd never write a song before the sun went down. This time I had to be home for when Kingston got out of school."
  • This dance pop number, which explores issues of mistrust in a long-term relationship, was the first fruit of their labors. Kanal told The Sun: "We worked in the studio at my house. We had to black out all the windows and this beautiful view of Los Angeles so Gwen could pretend it was night. But it worked. Once we wrote the song 'Undercover' this massive weight lifted off our shoulders and we knew we could do it."
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