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Sister Christian by Night Ranger

Album: Midnight MadnessReleased: 1983Charted:
  • Night Ranger's drummer, Kelly Keagy, wrote this song about his sister Christy, who is 10 years younger than him and was growing up fast. Essentially the song is about her coming of age. The vocalist on most Night Ranger songs was Jack Blades, but Keagy sang lead on this one, singing from his drum kit at shows.
  • The original title was "Sister Christy," but the rest of the band thought Keagy was singing "Sister Christian," so that became the title.
  • Keagy grew up in Eugene, Oregon, where "Motoring" was a term for driving around with your friends, often trying to pick up girls. >>
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    Chris - Annapolis, MD, for all above
  • Midnight Madness was Night Ranger's second album. This song was written in time for their first album Dawn Patrol, but was held back. "Sister Christian" was released as the second single from the album, after "(You Can Still) Rock in America."
  • While some groups can't stand the sound of their signature song, Night Ranger isn't one of them. Jack Blades explained: "To me, it's a highlight to every one of our shows, instead of it being a curse. Maybe a lot of bands think of their big hit as, 'Ugh, we don't want to play that.' But that's not the way it is for Night Ranger. We really do love that song."
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Comments: 32

I graduated high school in '86 and was something of a wild child. This song encapsulates my Father's concerns during my adolescence and young adulthood. He took me to see the Midnight Madness tour in 1984 and danced with me as Kelly Keagy sang.Jolie Bourgeois - Denton, Tx
I dated a gal who thought the lyrics to this song were "you're motorhead" instead of "you're motorin'".
There were many Born Again Christians at my high school. This song became a popular anthem for the non-Christians.
Night Ranger drummer Kelly Keagy wrote and sang this song. Keagy resembled comic actor Will Ferrell.
Jef - Passaic, Nj Usa
First-ever interview with the woman in the video - "Sister Christian" herself: http://noblemania.blogspot.com/2014/07/the-girl-in-video-sister-christian-1984.html. Plus never-published photos.Marc - -, Md
Hey Macha! We were roommates on Argyle St. in LA when you were in art school. Look me up on facebook or LinkedIn - I'd love to find out how you're doing. Lisa Gehman ThorneLisa - California, Ca
Great song that is a true 80's anthem.

It is actually ironic that one of the main 80's rock anthems is in many ways an anti-rock song because it is about a girl NOT having sex, which is the opposite ot what most rock songs say.

As cool as the lyrics are, I went the entire 80's without knowing what this song was talking about and I think that added to the hook of the song.
Shawn - Green Bay, Wi
Love this song. It was one of my favourites when I was in high school.Hannah - Ottawa, On
If the actress who played SIster Christian is Annie Hubbard as someone mentioned earlier, I think I might have found her working for a plastic surgeon in Arkansas. I found her as "Anne Hubbard" and it sure looks like an older version of the girl from the video. See for yourself. http://www.robertlovemd.com/about_the_practice/Jake - Houston, Tx
The actress that was "Sister Christian" was Annie Hubbard from Cupertino, CA.
The band was from her home town, and she was trying to become an actress. She moved to LA, and auditioned to be on General Hospital. She supported herself working as a hostess at the "Ritz Cafe" on Pico Blvd. in Beverly Hills, while living on Sunset Blvd. in the early/mid 80's. I know because I was her roommate and coworerkr for a year or so, she was such a beautiful, thoughtful, and loving girl. I am bummed that we lost touch over the years.
Cheryl - Westland,mi, Mi
Macha, in L.A....there are questions all over the internet about who played Sister Christian in the video. No one seems to know. Do you have a last name? An IMDb profile? We're all curious. And whatchoo been up to, lately?Mary - Chandler, Az
Macha, Los Angeles, CA

If that is true... you were hot! I just watched that video on youtube and was honestly just thinking how hot the girl was for an '80's video (no big skanky teased hair and all that).

This song is a bit before my time... I think it was Boogie Nights and Grand Theft Auto that made this a classic for me.
Aaron - Detroit, Mi
I am driving myself crazy looking for the name of a recent movie, for which 'Sister Christian' was used in the trailer. I saw a preview on a DVD not long ago (maybe 2008), and I think it was a straight-to-DVD movie. The only things I remember about it is that the trailer featured the song 'Sister Christian' by Night Ranger, and it was about a group of thirtysomethings who kind of lost their way in life (kind of a reflection on how messed up life can get).

If ANYBODY can help me, I would be so grateful.
Joel - Kentville, Ns
Awesome song. I still like listening to it.Craig - Manitowoc, Wi
This song is my Wedding Song!!! No here come the bride for us!Matt - Nashville , Tn
Until recently, I had thought this was a religious song due to the title, and I misheard the lyric "You've got him in your sights" as "And God gave you your sight". :)Eric - Bend, Or
I was in 6th grade when this came out. I loved this song. The group "Duran, Duran" was popular at the time, and some of the Duran fans would ruin this song by singing "More Duran" instead of "Motorin'". This song remains a classic. On the other hand, where is Duran Duran now? Bwa-ha-ha...Jena - Leavenworth, Ks
i was in my early teens when this song hit the airwaves (and everything else). i always took it as 'what is a less-than-popular girl willing to do to be among the "elite"?'. some teen-agers in the 'lower echelons' can be so easily swayed. 'what's your price for flight?' what's the price to fit in? we all have a price, haven't we?Jeanine - Philadelphia, Pa
I could have sworn that Kelly Keagy was shown singing this song on the video. But I haven't watched MTV since the late 1980's, so I don't know if there is more than one video for this song. Jack Blades and Tommy Shaw did release a CD entitled "Hallucination" after their tenture with Damn Yankees, and they still do collaberate on occasions. I had read several months ago that they were working together on another project- presumably another Shaw/Blades CD.Randy - Colerain Twp., Oh
this song is my favorite night ranger song ever i love this song so muchMichelle - Maplewood, Mn
To User Macha from LA: are you the same girl who plays Jack Blades girlfriendwife in the video for When You Close Your Eyes?

Patrick Dempsey
Patrick - St Paul, Mn
If this song doesn't get your blood pumping then you are dead.Mike - Hueytown , Al
Dude, I loved how they used this song in the movie "Boogie Nights" It was spectacular...Especially when the dealer guy says "Shhh here comes my favorite part" Then the part just before "Motoring" where he play s that toms part ... You know what I'm talking about...
Josef - Corpus Christi, Tx
Originally, I thought Kelly was singing "Motorhead ...." hahaTim - Indianapolis, In
This info has probably been covered already: The drummer was a singer in Night Ranger as well as Jack. The drummer IS the lead singer on Sister Christian. If you watch the video, Jack isn't singing, although, you can't see Kelly singing either. But the drummer is the lead singer on this one.Tim - Indianapolis, In
I thought the drummer sang on this song?Quintin - Norwalk, Ct
PT Anderson knew what he was doing in 'Boogie Nights!' If people didn't catch this 'gem' the first time around in the 80's, they got it 'between the eyebrows' with his movie! Great song, either way!Paul - Knoxville, Tn
I just came across this site; I played 'Sister Christian' in the video. It's a blast to me that people are talking about it!Macha - Los Angeles, Ca
Excellent song, and the lyrics are so touching. On GTA Vice City Soundtrack! Good find!Matthew - East Brunswick, Nj
The lead guitarist Brad Gillis played lead guitar for Ozzy Osbourne on the Speak of the Devil Tour.Billy - Gloucester, Ma
A staple of the true rock that was put out during the 80's era of great music.Dee - Indianapolis, In
GTA:VICE CITY ... Sountrack!!Luke - Manchester, England
can't think of this song without thinking of that bizarre scene in Boogie Nights.Tom - New York, Ny
Bass player and lead singer Jack Blades went on to form Damn Yankees with Tommy Shaw from Styx and Motor City Madman Ted Nugent.Paul - Greenwood, Sc
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