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Been Down So Long


The Doors

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The title was inspired by Richard Farina's 1966 novel Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me - Farina died in a motorcycle accident two days after it was published. The lyrical content was driven by the band's sense that they were constantly being harassed by authorities, notably Jim Morrison's various arrests.
Jim Morrison died shortly after this album was released. He did some of his best work on it, but still struggled with alcoholism and drug abuse. He went to Paris to relax, and died there under mysterious circumstances.
The phrase "been down so long, and it looks like up to me" was originally used by bluesman Furry Lewis in 1928.
The Doors
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Comments (12):

On some live performances, this song gas the same riff as Maggie M'gill
- Corey, West Portsmouth, OH, Afghanistan
As much as I love Jim and the lyrics he wrote, you have to be amazed with the music the boy's put always complements the DOORS completly
- maz, los angeles, CA
No One Here Get Out Alive, is one of the best books I've ever read and it confirmed everything I questioned about Jim, and the Doors. It also puts everything into perspective about his lyrics
- Smitty, Calgary, Canada
A very self-overwhelmed song showing how finished Jim was already still being so young, the loss of love for life, the beginning to love to die soon.
- Only1out10liveStr8, In Your Uterus..., United States
I own "No One Here Gets Out Alive" but never really found the time to read it. I too own Ray's "Light My Fire" & loved it. If you really want to learn the REAL truth behind The Doors music, you should read "Moonlight Drive The Stories Behind Every Doors' Song".But about the song I love all of their blues work. I love the slide work by Robby. Krieger got his slide influence from bluesman, Robert Johnson.

Jim IS Dead!
- Joey, Tampa, FL
"No One Here Gets Out Alive" was co-written by Danny Sugarman, the Doors' second manager who later managed Ray Manzarek in his various other projects. None of the Doors have ever discredited the book as far as I know.
- Jim, Troy, NY
He aint dead
- Shrek, Caitlin
Pure blues... genius.
- Stefanie, Rock Hill, SC
"No one Here Gets Out Alive" is also a movie/DVD tribute to Jim Morrison.
- Ayla, Edmonton, Canada
what is "no one here gets out alive"?

if it is a doors bio book, i would like to know more. i have found that many are trash. I love "light my fire" by ray manzarek (the keyboard player). it is informative and poetic at once. cool!
- Loretta, Liverpool, England
I read in "No One Here Gets Out Alive" that Jim Morrison wrote this song after the Miami trial.
- Kathy, Jasper, AL
Get down on your knees and give your love to me. NO, definitely no subliminal messages in this song...
- Adrian, Wilmington, DE
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