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Naked by Avril Lavigne

Album: Let GoReleased: 2002
  • In your first relationship, when you find the guy/girl that you think you want to spend the rest of your life with, you feel so vulnerable - like you can trust that person and that they have completely changed your life. When you're around them, you can totally let loose and be yourself, because they love you for who you are. You can't hide anything, because they see right through you. You're 'naked' around them. It's scary to let your guard down in any relationship, but when you do, you feel so incredible... a feeling that can't be described in words. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Shana - Radcliff, KY
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Comments: 12

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!Shannon Mulvany - Spokane, Wa
oh god....terrable images....Avril naked...oh god my Mind!!!Its Melting!!!!!AHHHH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jen - Westville, Nj
I feel less inteligent for just hearing this song. I bet she doesn't write her own music, it was probably churned out by a 30-something songwriter, so this is completely meaningless drivle.Nathan - Defiance, Oh
I heard that Ashlee Simpson stole the riff off this song for one of her own songs... not sure which oneAj - Cleveland, Ga
lovin itJosie - Auckland, New Zealand
She is great I just love her song NAKED It's so awesome I stay up mostly all night memorizing her songs I've mostly memorized MY HAPPY ENDING AND COMPLICATED!! Rock on AvrilKortnee - Napanee, Ontario, Canada
i really like this whole album, she sounds great live.Nichole - Fresno, Ca
I don't honestly care about whether or not Avril's a phony.This song and album will always be good. Oh, and alyssa? I play music or turn on the radio at bedtime, too.Claire - Oak Ridge, Tn
I used to listen to this song and cry after I told my best guy friend how I felt about him, and he started ignoring me. It's about that one guy that when you're around him, just unmasks your true self.Kaycee - Oakdale, Mn
whenever i cant fall asleep i play this song real quiet... really works seriously u guys should try it lolAlyssa - Gc, Pa
I think this is the best lyrically written song on this album. It's beautiful!Shawn - Loganville, Ga
This is my favorite song on the album. I know in some of my previous relationships, I was hard to tap into, and I didn't open up as much as the guys would want...especially in a sexual experience. This song is about knowing when you're with that someone because you don't feel afraid anymore. You are so happy and comfortable with them that you want to open up, and you want them to see the whole you.Dawn - Toronto, Canada
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