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Through The Rain


Mariah Carey

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On this song, Mariah sings about how you can make it through anything if you truly believe in yourself and have faith. Never lose hope. If someone says you can't do something, don't listen and prove them wrong. Even if you mess up, try, try again because you can do anything. (thanks, Shana - Radcliff, KY)
The video was based on Carey's parents, Alfred Carey and Patricia Carey. At the beginning, a teenaged girl named Kirsten is having an argument with her mother. Jamie-Lynn DiScala of The Sopranos played the '60s teenager who runs away from home on a rainy day to be with her boyfriend. (thanks, Candice - Vancouver, Canada)
Mariah Carey
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Comments (4):

This song reminds me of how the Jewish people suffered during the Holocaust and to me seems like a tribute to the ones who survived. I first heard this song after seeing the movie "Devil's Arithmatic" with Kirsten Dunst.
- Jennie, Ansonia, CT
this was the ong she made because of her nervous breakdown and it was saying how she could make it through the rain and stand up once again. It is also relating to the fact that you should follow your heart just like the girl in the video does.
- leonie, leeds, England
i think having an interracial relationship is also a theme in this song. mariah's father is half black and hispanic and her mom is irish. it makes sense that this song is based on them, because interracial dating was (unfortunately) looked down on back in their day. I LOVE THIS SONG- btw, being mixed myself... MARIAH CAREY IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Isabelle, Cedarhurst, NY
This song was mariah's first single after the media's turn about "Breakdown". The single stayed on the dance (billboard) charts for over 80 weeks!
- Leo, Brandon, VT
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