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Fading Listening by Shiny Toy Guns

Album: IIIReleased: 2012
  • Critics have compared the sound of this slice of crafted Pop to that of Fleetwood Mac. "We are all huge Fleetwood Mac fans, but we're also huge fans of tons of artists," singer Carah Faye Charnow told CBS Local. "If there was an influence, it was subconscious. It's just basically…it's a vibe. It's a vibe that Fleetwood Mac touched on a lot, which was sort of melancholy."

    "It's a new vibe for us, too," added bassist Jeremy Dawson. "We actually weren't really sure if we were going to put it on the record. It was the very last thing that was written."
  • The song's music video features a mock version of the band as children. Guitarist Chad Petree's eight-year-old daughter Ally portrays singer Carah Faye.
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