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The Day Seattle Died by Cold

Album: Year Of The SpiderReleased: 2003
  • This was written in tribute to the late Kurt Cobain from the band Nirvana. He was from the Seattle area. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Margret - Chula Vista, CA
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Comments: 12

My bad, Nirvana did use a good amount of open chords, like in "About a Girl" and "Come as You Are", to name two examples, but mostly power chords.Zero - The Abyss, Nj
The lyrics are not "shadowed voice in an open court", they're "Shattered voice on an open chord". Although, Nirvana rarely, if ever used open chords.Zero - The Abyss, Nj
Obviously the first verse pertains to Kurt and his signature shattered voice. His suicide note referred a lot about how he felt ostracized from everyone else, probably referred to by "Made up a world where you can't even be you." The shotgun was his mean of suicide. In the last weeks of his life, Layne locked himself in his apartment and did drugs day in and out. He often said how miserable he was while addicted to heroin. Angry Chair was a song he wrote himself, and kinda ties in with him just sitting there tweaking alone. Both amazing artists. RIPWolf - Berlin, Germany
yeah, obviously about both amazing legends kurt and layne.Erin - Tulsa, Ok
actually Kurt Cobain died on the 5th of april, that was the estimate of death
he went missing on the 1st of april, died on the 5th and was found on the 8th.
Layne and Kurt were both brilliant
Hannah - Loughborough/leicestershire, England
Yeah, just look up " The Day Seattle Died" On google under pics, and it has the lyrics and the faces of both Layne and Kurt. This song really sticks out as one of the best songs on the album. I miss Layne dearly, but a great song.Mike - Sonora, Ca
the second verse has to be about layne staley. for one, there's the angry chair reference, and Layne was almost a more-well-known heroin user than Kurt, explaining the needle reference.Matt - Millbrae, Ca
Does anyone else notcie that aout six songs on this list are about kurt cobain? influential, anyone?Matt - Millbrae, Ca
It's about both Kurt and Layne. The first verse is Kurt, the second is Layne(as the last guy said, the angry chair is a song layne wrote and the needle is the fact that he was addicted to heroin and died from it). Theres a live version of the song you can find using the Altavista Audio Search, at the begginging the singer talks about how it was originally about just kurt, but when layne died he added the part about Layne. Proof.Kevin - Manhattan, Ks
right, the lyrics "sitting on his angry chair" depict another seattle rock legend that also had died, Layne Staley. it is rumored that when kurt cobain had killed himself that scooter had written this song but left it unfinished. upon the death of layne staley scooter was inspired to finish the song. it is rumored that layne officially died on april 4th. eerily that is the same day that kurt cobain died.Cp - Cleveland, Oh
donny come on "sat in his angry chair" was a nod to the fact that kurt blocked the door to the greenhouse he shot himself in with a chair.Alatriel - Lothlorien, Other
Its also about the lead singer of alice in chains. his name was layne staley. He did of a over dose(the needle became your queen, the drug became your enemy) the also had a song called angry chair( your closed the door and sat in your angry chair)Donny - Trenton, Ga
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