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Suavecito by Malo

Album: MaloReleased: 1972Charted:
  • Malo was formed by Carlos Santana's brother Jorge. This was their only hit. Most members of the band were from the San Francisco music scene. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Charles - Charlotte, NC
  • Malo is Spanish for "bad," but is also Mayan for good. There is a large Mayan community in San Francisco. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    brian - san francisco, CA
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Comments: 27

On April 22nd 1972, Malo performed "Suavecito" on the ABC-TV program 'American Bandstand'...
Two months earlier on February 27th, 1972 it entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #76; and on April 30th it peaked at #18 (for 1 week) and spent 12 weeks on the Top 100...
Was track five from the group's debut album, "Malo", and the album peaked at #10 on Billboard's Black Albums chart and #14 on Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart...
The band's co-founder, Jorge Santana, will celebrate his 63rd birthday in two months on June 13th, 2014.
Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
This song definitely brings me back to my teenage years. The love of my life was a Cuban guy and he absolutely loved Santana but this was MY favorite song. Lost my virginity to Suavecito so every time I hear it, it brings me back to my teens and the love I had for him.Kate - Township Of Washington, Nj
EC, nice to see someone whsoe relative or dad had something to do with this.

Vern, yeah it's the 6:36 album version.

Donna...Teresa...way to go! Very smooth and sensual song and the bridge "you" repeated several time in the 6:33 version is even better..

Garrett.. Suavecito means smooth. Suave. Smooth. Got that?:)

Michael..I have the on GRP Crescendo, with 16 tracks. Both the 3:25 single and 6:36 LPversions are there in this Best of.. collection, with the long version as #2 and the short version concluding at #16 [and WRONGLY yet another case of understated-as-listed playing time, described as 3:12 radio edit when it's the actual 3:25 commercial 45 version..

Finally, everybody, right on about the pure beauty of the song!!!
Steve - Whittier, Ca
My dad plays piano and growing up I remember him playing and singing this song. I used to hear it all the time on the radio station that he listened to. Recently I started playing piano and had him teach me the song, so now I can play it and enjoy it in a whole new way. It's a great song even though it's so simple. I love it =)Galen - Oakland, Ca
Now that have a way to hear this song I listen to it at least once a day. I was 16, first time I had a boyfriend he dedicated this song to me. He broke up with me after 8 months because I did not wear a dress to see the Godfather at the movies. I wish I had worn a dress. I had a true broken heart. I have the album I do not remember how I got it, but no way to play it.Sara - Eckerty, In
Rich Bean--who co-wrote this song and was the lead singer on it on the first Malo album--performed at my wedding in 1973 with his band Sapo at the El Rancho in Millbrae. He was married to my husband's sister at the time. When he sang Suavecito, people came from all over and some were actually stopping their cars on El Camino Real to listen. The band sounded great and although my marriage didn't last, this song certainly has. I still hear it all the time on the radio. I saw Rich last year at the annual Voices of Latin Rock at Bimbo's 365 Club after 30 years. He performed Suavecito and sounded just as good as he did years ago. Suavecito is one of the all-time great songs and will be around forever. Great songs always survive and this is definitely one of them.Linda - San Francisco, Ca
The first time I heard this song (on the radio when it was new) I was half in love with a man who called himself a Chicano. Didn't know what that meant back in 1972! We both loved Carlos Santana, so naturally loved Malo also, as the music was similar in style but more mellow. I lost contact with the man but wonder what happened to him all these years. Anyone know a man named Alex Sanchez who lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1972?Liz - Ft. Lauderdale, Fl
The majority of the facts surrounding the credits of this very beautiful and classic song SUAVECITO are very inaccurate. The fact is that Jorge Santana really did not have much to do with this song. It was Richard Bean, Abel Zarate and Pablo Tellez (original MALO members) who are responsible for the writing, the composing, and the arrangement of SUAVECITO. Richard was the original lead singer with Abel on lead guitar doing all of those beautiful twin lead guitar riffs (very nice stuff) and background vocals (Jorge is also on guitar but playing more of a chord pad, or rhythm guitar), and Pablo Tellez on bass and on background vocals. The song was a poem written by Richard (Bean) to a then special girl in his high school algebra class which he twice failed. Richard took his personal beautiful poem to rehearsal one day and the rest is Chicano History! Unfortunately in 1972, MALO went through a horrible and (as for me) a very unpopular riff which broke up the original MALO lineup. Wished that the original MALO lineup would have continued as I am positive the group would have composed many great hits for the entire world. Nevertheless, we still have several of their original hits (Suavecito, Nena, Café, and Pana) that continue to speak to my heart. Hope this factual information is beneficial to all of you who love this song and who love the group MALO who continue to this very day to perform with only two original members (Jorge Santana, guitar and Arcelio Garcia, lead vocalists). God Bless!Mario - Chino, Ca
My dad wrote the song, played trumpet, and sings on this song. So cool to see this many people enjoying something he made when he was my age.Kc - Brooklyn, Ny
I found this song searching for more mp3 oldies. I own an internet radio station called Portland Rock Radio at Live 365. I just added Malo - Suavecito - 06:36 - Is this the album version?Vern - Mcminnville, Oregon, Or
This song was playing when my soul mate sang it to me. 30 years later we are still in love like high-school kids. I'm so lucky to have a man sing to me.Wilma - Redwood City, Ca
Awwww! " S U A V E S I T O " This song means more than words can tell, (short story)... I'm at a park one cold evening and gentleman that I had never spoken to but I had seen before, approaches me with a warm cappuccino, I (unexplainably) accept it. We had about a 20 minute conversation about "nothing at all ;-D", the entire time I have a CD of awesome oldies softly playing in my car stereo... as we say our good byes, he takes maybe 5 steps away from me, turns around and says "you HAVE to have MALO on that CD?!?!" Little did he know it was actually the FIRST and LAST song on that CD. With that one song in common, I found my "soul mate". Sadly, two perfect soul mates can not share their lives together... BUT we BOTH know that no matter how long its been OR how long it will take... WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE "SUAVESITO" (Dedicated to my one and only "Papi Chulo") This one hit band MALO has done much more for these two people than Elivis (nothing against the King) could ever do with many GOLD records.China - El Paso, Tx
I first heard Suavecito drunk after a party dancing with my future wife/ex-wife. It was incredible. Amazingly, decades later, I was watching a rerun of ER about three in the morning. There was the usual diatribe going on at the admittance desk. In the background, the radio was playing the quarter of a century old, Suavecito. What memories it brought back. The best love song of all times.Charles - Memphis, Tn
I just Love this song and I spent almost 1 year back on 2000 trying to find it on the internet until finally I bought a Cd with various love songs. But who else besides me thinks that "Love the way" by Malo is actually their best song? I mean the Lyrics are just great, just what I felt for a girl I used to really really love.Abraham - Hong Kong, United States
This was Our Wedding Song in 1973,It is one of greatest love songs of my time!Bob Graham - Philly, Pa
This is my favorite song, el numero uno de mi vida. To answer Garrett's question, I understand "suavecito" in this context not as a noun but as an adverb meaning softly or gently. It's something you would say while you're making love.Johnny - Chicago, Il
Suavecito is such a beautiful song. The voices are perfect and this song just puts you in such a great mood. I would love to just cuddle with someone special and listen to it all night long.
Donna - Winthrop Harbor, United States
"Suavecito" is a beautiful love song with a senual rhythm that makes you want to do the cha-cha with the one you love. The vocals and the lyrics send me. This song brings me right back to a very happy part of my childhood, the Summer of 1972 when I was going into 8th Grade. I remember Cousin Brucie playing it on New York's AM station WABC. I was thrilled when a local record store was able to order Malo's greatest hits for me several years ago, as it will always be a special song for me.Joanne - Bohemia, Oh
A friend recently gave me a stack of old 45's to use in my vintage jukebox. I put this song on, and have a faint recollection of it as a kid. I lived on AM radio in the early 1970's, so I'm sure it was played then. Anyway, what a GREAT song! I wasn't even aware Carlos had a brother, so thanks for the insights on this group. Still trying to figure out if Suavecito is one of those made-up words, like "falitas" from Hotel California.Acerockola - Northern, Va
I have been looking for this song for years. I had it on a greatest hits from random bands and lost the cd. Wonderful song to play with a women you love. Captures the soul.Michael - Toms River, Nj
This is by far my favorite Latin-composed song.Charles - Charlotte, Nc
Does anyone know what the word Suavacito translates to in English?
Little soft one? (That's just a guess)
Garrett - Nashville, Tn
Love Suavecito...still available on CD, Warner Archive re-release. Great tune, with a great feel and style....Michael - Taylorville, United States
Growing up in Germany I had to tune in to American Forces Network (AFN) if I wanted to listen to really good music. I used to tape the songs I liked on my tape deck recorder (those were the days!) and when I first heard "Suavecito" I was in raptures. I remember getting my tape recorder ready every day until I finally managed to record it from a Wolfman Jack program.
It's nice to see that it has survived all these years to become a classic among some of us. It's a perfect ballad, with a great melody, wonderful instrumentation, and it's soooo mellow!

Teresa, Spain
Teresa - GijÃ?n, Spain
Suavecito by Malo is my favorite song. Indeed, Jorge Santana, Carlos' brother, really had a classic with this song, its unfortunate that it did not go to number one here in america because in Latin america this song really played for a long time, it still does!

Be well, brothers Jorge and Carlos!
Jorge Ascencio - Brookline, Ma
"Suavecito" is one of my all-time favorite songs.

Jason is right. Beautiful melody, great love song. A classic.
Terry - Gloucester City, Nj
Malo has released 6 albums, but have not been really poular. Suavecito was their only hit but it is a beautiful melody, one of the best love songs of all times.Jason - Monterrey, Mexico
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