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The Changeling by The Doors

Album: LA WomanReleased: 1971
  • A changeling is a mythological creature who is substituted for a human baby. The changeling was usually an outcast.
  • Jim Morrison may have got the idea for this song from a student film he saw at USC in 1968 called Changeling.
  • Morrison wrote the lyrics in 1968, but they did not record it until 1970. LA Woman turned out to be Morrison's last album.
  • This was released as the B-side of "Riders On The Storm."
  • This rocker was the first song on LA Woman, and also the first song the band recorded for the album. The song was an indication of Jim Morrison's constant transformation.
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Comments: 16

The rhythm section follows more or less Junior Walker & the All Stars' 'Shotgun'. A song Jimi H played as part of a group when he made his first television appearance. I think this is one of The Door's finest whatever.João - Portugal
The hit song "Funkytown" by Lipps Inc. stole the main riff from "The Changeling".Jef - Passaic, Nj
I think 'Changeling' was Morrison's way of capturing the essence of reincarnation. In all of his works he put much emphasis but not on death and I believe this is because he felt that his soul would be shared amongst the earth and in a way that makes his, as well as the soul of everyone else, simultaneously everywhere, nowhere, used, and changing without being altered.Helvira - Sherman, Tx
The last forty seconds are the best on the album. "YEAH, I'm leavin' town! On a midnight train!"David - Woburn, Ma
I'm a chaaaaangling SEE ME CHANGE!!! goood songNady - Adelaide, Australia
I thought this was on LA WOMAN. I didn't know it was on Riders of the Storm. O well yeah cool he was never so broke he couldnt leave townMark - Miami, Fl
The guitar work at the later part of song is great, it has a kinda exotic middle east sound to it.Tristan - Philadelphia, Pa
Que cancion, tan poderosa, Morrison estaba cambiando, But I never been so broke.....Michael - Guayaquil, South America
I love how he screams in this song. A great song on an equally great album.Nadine - Riverside, Ca
It's bluesy, with some obscure lyrics by Morrison. I like how he talks about being uptown, downtown, and all around. I think it's funny.Jonathon - Clermont, Fl
On my version of the record it's written very strangely as "Changeling The" instead of "The Changeling." Good song!. I wasn't sure what it was about though. Makes sense.Stefanie - Rock Hill, Sc
This is one of the most under rated doors songs of all time IMO.Tony - Somewhere, Ma
man, when he starts screaming, "well I'm the air you breathe, food you eat, friends you meet in the swarming street, Wooooooow, gotta see me change, change change!!!" I'm always yelling too. Great part, great excitement, great underrated tune. Morrison actually wanted this to be the lead single off LA Woman, but cooler heads prevailed and the more commercial Love Her Madly was chosen. Good choice.Jim - Qinhuangdao, China
Actually on the record, it's known simply as "Changeling." There's no "the" in the title. By the way this tune has some great keyboard work from Manzarek.Barry - New York, Nc
The best song. Ever.Ioyuhoih - Philly, Pa
I think this is quite a prophetic song in that Jim Morrison did change in appearance and the direction he was taking.Jojo - Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
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