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Back Here by BBMak

Album: Sooner Or LaterReleased: 1999Charted:
  • This was written by group members Christian Burns, Stephen McNally and Mark Barry along with Phil Thornalley.
  • The song talks about a story between a guy and a girl. The band members say that the guy in the song did a stupid thing and he wishes that he can be with the girl again because he's sorry. According to McNally, the song took 45 minutes to make. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Britney - Calabasas, CA, for above 2
  • This was BBMak's first single. It made them huge in Japan as well as their native UK.
  • In February of 2001, this was reissued in the UK, reaching #5.
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Comments: 3

dude bbmac is a great group i love this songMatt - Wilmington, Oh
bb mak are from the same place as the beatles liverpool england i went to school with ste (alsop high school) and they played there i dnt no wher u got the idea there big over here theyve only had like 1 top 5 but they are coolHannah - Liverpool, England
Sounds like the beatles recorded this if they still around. A great song! I never get bored with it. Audrey loves ya BBMak! Christian ur kick ass!Britney - Calabasas, Ca
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