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Ship Ahoy! (All The Nice Girls Love A Sailor) by Hetty King

Album: not on an albumReleased: 1909
  • The song's title was rendered thus (in block capitals) on the original sheet music. The title varies; sometimes it is given simply as "All The Nice Girls Love A Sailor". The lyrics are credited to A.J. Mills, and the music to Bennett Scott, a regular team, but according to Barry Norris, Fred Godfrey may have had a hand in writing it. Norris of New Brunswick, Canada, is the grandson of the man who wrote both "Bless 'Em All" and "Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty". Godfrey claimed to have co-written the song, and as Norris points out, his grandfather had no need to pad his resumé.
  • "Ship Ahoy!" was published by The Star Music Publishing Company of London in 1909, with performer Hetty King on the front cover. Hetty King was the stage name of Winifred Emms (1883-1972), a well known male impersonator.
  • The melody of "Ship Ahoy!" lends itself to parody, and it was once used to advertise Warninks advocaat. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 3
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