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Waiting by Geoff Tate

Album: Kings and ThievesReleased: 2012
  • Tate told Artist Direct that "Waiting" is "your typical song about a stalker - somebody who's waiting outside your door watching you. Maybe, you'll never know it, but he's there."

    He went on to explain that that isn't necessarily the only interpretation, and that he deliberately tries to craft music that can hold different meanings for different listeners. "It's interesting how people interpret music," he elaborated. "We all hear it differently. People filter lyrics and vocals through their own life experiences."
  • Kings and Thieves is Geoff Tate's second solo album, and his first released in the wake of his split with Queensrÿche, which he fronted from 1981-2012. Tate wanted to make an album that covered a broad range of emotions while utilizing somewhat traditional rock sounds to make it more accessible.
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