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This is the fourth single from Bastille's debut album, Bad Blood, which references the Roman city of Pompeii that was destroyed by a volcano in 79AD. "It's a moment of reflection and introspection, but they're trapped in time so it's a moment that'll go on for an eternity," frontman Dan Smith explained to NME.
Here are a couple more songs on our database that reference the ancient catastrophic event:
"Cities In Dust" by Siouxsie and the Banshees
"Vesuvius" by Sufjan Stevens.
And on a lighter note, here's the theme song to Frankie Howard's entendre-strewn '70s sitcom Up Pompeii.
Although Pompeii is never mentioned in the song, Smith told The Daily Telegraph that he was imagining what the dead inhabitants might have to say to one another. "It is essentially about fear of stasis and boredom," he added. "Being quite a shy, self-conscious person, I was afraid my life might get stuck."
Smith explained the song's meaning to The Sun: "Pompeii is actually an imagined conversation between two charred conversations reflecting on the city."

He added: "But that's why I don't like explaining a lot of my songs literally as it sounds bonkers – a song about two corpses yet the crowd are happily dancing along!"
Dan Smith was not a professional musician when he wrote this song - he was a bartender and student of English literature. Smith wrote the song in 2010 on a laptop in his bedroom after reading about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. He didn't think anyone outside of his circle of friends would ever hear the song, but when he posted some tracks online, they got enough attention to earn his band a deal with Virgin Records. "Pompeii" was included on their first album and became their breakout hit.
Despite the song's subject matter, it gets an energetic reaction when performed live. "It's pretty funny to watch people drunkenly jump around to it at festivals," Dan Smith told Rolling Stone.
Bastille got a blast of exposure when they performed this song at numerous high-profile venues, including the Coachella and Glastonbury festivals, and on Saturday Night Live when they were the musical guest on the January 25, 2014 episode.
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Comments (1):

I think he's saying that the inhabitants of Pompeii were already destroyed even before the volcano. Based on what archaeologists have learned from the ruins it was a city given over to vice and sin. I think the author is saying that given almost 2000 years to reflect, the ghosts of Pompeii might conclude that things had not really changed at all... they were stuck in an existence that lacked development or goodness and with the eruption their predicament simply became literal. I also think that the in the video, they are trying to bring to our attention that many of us are no better off, already burned to ash on the inside by the materialistic and pleasure seeking lives we lead today.
- Ryan, Cary, NC
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