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I Believe In You by Don Felder

Album: Road to ForeverReleased: 2012
  • Many of the songs on Don Felder's second solo album Road To Forever draw on his cumulative life experiences, which include his tenure with the Eagles from 1974-2001. He told us: "We go through life, we wind up being battered and scarred on our hearts from experiences, loss of love relationships, loss of people that pass away, abuse as children, just traumatic experiences that happen. And at some point you want to be able to find a way to heal yourself, to wash away all that pain and go on for the rest of your life with joy, in a joyous way. And accept those traumatic experiences along with the love that comes along, too. That's sort of like light and dark, yin and yang. It's all part of the experience. Neither is good or bad, it's just something we both have to face as part of the human condition.

    So that's the theme that runs under all these songs. Like 'I Believe in You,' somebody that's been really broken by love in the past. And you're trying to get them to have the faith to take that leap of faith again to open up their hearts and try to love again." (Here's the full Don Felder interview.)
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