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Ladykiller by Maroon 5

Album: OverexposedReleased: 2012
  • This song finds Adam Levine begging a femme fatale to come back to him from her new boyfriend. The Maroon 5 frontman penned the song with guitarist James Valentine and bassist Mickey Madden. Valentine recalled to Ultimate-Guitar.com: "One day I was talking to Mickey Madden and it was like, 'Let's just come up with a couple song titles' and he came up with the titles 'Ladykiller' and 'Fortune Teller. He said, 'Those sound like good sounding names.' We were on the road and I'm always sort of tinkering around with riffs and ideas and track ideas in Logic Pro. I looked at 'Ladykiller' and I ended up sort of writing a song with first-draft lyrics and then played it and Adam was into it and he added to the lyrics and tweaked a couple of the melodies to suit more of where he would sing it."
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Comments: 1

Not to be that person, but I'm pretty sure the song is about a girl leaving the singer for another girl....

"Baby she'll eat you live
As soon as she smells your blood in the water
You better run to survive
Before she makes you her latest slaughter
How could you do it?
Oh, just come back to me, baby I'm begging please
How could you do it?
Oh she knows I love you still, you're just her latest kill"

Doesn't sound to me like he's talking to the same person from different perspectives... Sounds more like he's begging his ex-girl to come back to him and leave the girl she started dating after him because the new girl is a ladykiller. The love interest in this song is probably bisexual.
Nicole - Reading
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