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You Don't Know How It Feels


Tom Petty

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The original lyrics say, "So let me get to the point. Let's ROLL another joint." MTV, wanting to avoid controversy, asked Petty to change the lyrics for the video. He changed them, oddly enough to "Let's HIT another joint." (thanks, Matthew - New York, NY)
This won a Grammy in 1995 for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. (thanks, scott - Bismarck, ND)
Tom Petty
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Comments (12):

The mystery woman's name is Raven Snow. She also appeared in several episodes of Zalman King's Red Shoe Diaries but her best appearance is in Delta of Venus as the sexy lounge singer Leila.
- Brian, Wilton, CA
This song speaks to me after what happened today. I get rejected and turned down by a lot of chicks.
- Matt, Las Vegas, NV
Ill go out w/ you Madalyn....
- Clubber Lange, Ocean Gate, NJ
This is my favorite Song! I feel that this is the one song I can most relate to, especially the line" there's someone I used to see but she don't give a damn for me," this song deserved the grammy it won, and i admire the fact that Tom Petty did not actually attend the grammy's when he won. Bottom Line My favorite song from my favorite album, made by my favorite rock band!!!!!
- Tony, Chicago, IL
Dude, it is definitely a woman.
- Jeff, Colorado Springs, CO
dude, in the video, the woman that takes the mic for a few moments, was that a man or a woman?
- mike, Litchfield, MN
Janet is correct. For the music video the word "tnioj" (joint played backwards) was used instead. This information was came up when the song was on VH1's pop-up videos.
- Fawn, PJS, NY
tom petty is awesome i realte to this song alot because i'm turned down by a lot of guys...
- Madalyn, Greensburg, PA
Sorry, Matthew and Liane! I suggest you listen to the video a bit more carefully. Tom is NOT saying "Let's hit another joint". He actually is saying "Let's roll another tnioj" (the "t" is barely audible, though). Indeed, MTV told him that "joint" would cause backlash, so Tom merely says "joint" backwards.
- Janet, Silver Spring, MD
I believe the "HIT another joint" lyric change was made because it could mean go to another place.
- Liane, Reading, PA
That's true. Mary and Tom had an on again off again relationship for 20 years until 1993. It was very violent I heard.
Of course she had relationships with Sting, Iggy Pop, a one night stand with Jim Morrison, a long relationship with Jimmy Page and Mick Jagger.
- Stephanie, Denver, CO
In the song he writes, 'There's someone I used to see, but she don't give a damn for me' he is referring to Mary Badham. After a week, she refused to see him. She reportedly said, 'I don't give a damn for you, Tom' and slammed the door in his face.
- Jade, Chippewa Falls, WI
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