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It Is What It Is by Kacey Musgraves

Album: Same Trailer Different ParkReleased: 2013
  • Musgraves closes her fourth studio album and major label debut, Same Trailer Different Park, with this song about looking for love in all the wrong places. "My grandma calls this the slut song," she said on a video clip of her performing the tune. Musgraves explained to New York Times Magazine: "She's like, 'My friends are gonna hear you say these things,' and I'm like, 'Nana, it's my career to mess up. And not to be rude, but she's not my demographic."
  • Musgraves told Coup de Main this is one of the songs she's most proud of. She explained: "It's one of my favourites I've ever written because of how simple it is and I went into it with the idea: 'It is what it is, 'til it ain't anymore.' I just wanted it to be really simple and really country and really honest. I really feel like I achieved that with the people I wrote it with."
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