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Daddy Dance With Me by Krystal Keith

Album: Whiskey & LaceReleased: 2013
  • Krystal Keith is the second daughter of Toby Keith. She released her full length debut album, Whiskey & Lace, in 2013, following in the footsteps of her successful father.
  • This song was originally written by Krystal for her own wedding. "It was a complete surprise," she said. "I wanted a song that honored my dad and was something special on my wedding day. So I wrote and recorded it behind his back. The idea was to have a song that no bride and father had ever danced to before; it was my gift to him."

    Her famous father was stunned. "He actually talked all the way through the dance," she recalled. "I think he was kind of in shock that I pulled one over on him. When I started telling him the lyrics, he said, 'I've never heard a wedding song from the daughter's perspective.'"
  • Krystal penned the song with Mica Roberts, who is an artist signed to her father's label Show Dog Nashville and Nashville songwriter Sonya Rutledge.
  • The visual was shot at a church in Los Angeles, and intersperses Krystal performing the song with photographs and video from an actual wedding reception. "It was an amazing experience," Krystal told The Boot. "I got to work with director Mike Salomon, who I've known forever because he's done a lot of my father's videos."
  • Krystal recalled to The Boot how her rendition of the song on her wedding day left everyone at the reception in tears - except for her famous father. "He did not cry," she recalled. "We had 65 people in Cabo [for the wedding], and every single person was completely bawling. He walked off and my husband said, 'That didn't even get you a little bit? You didn't cry at all?' He said, 'I almost shed a tear, but I'm a professional.' He's in control of his emotions."
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