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Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65

Album: EuropopReleased: 1999Charted:
  • Many people thought the chorus was "I'm blue and I'm in need of a guy," and that the song was about homosexuality. The correct translation is "I'm blue da ba dee di," and in no way relates to homosexuality.
  • The group is Italian and their name came from a computer called "Eiffel." The 65 came after a note was sent with 65 accidentally written in and the members believed it was fate and should stay. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Nathaniel - Newark, NY, for above 2
  • The vocals were distorted using a device called a vocoder. Cher used a similar technique on her hit "Believe," although her sound was created using an Auto-Tune device.
  • This originally charted at #39 in the UK purely on import sales, thus becoming only the third record (after Jam's "That's Entertainment" and Lou Bega's "Mambo No 5 (A Little Bit Of)") to make the UK Top 40 just on import sales.
  • The Eiffel 65 members are Jeffrey Jey, Maurizio Lobina and DJ Gary Ponte. The song came about when Lobina started playing a piano riff while Jey was writing lyrics. Jey recalls in 1000 UK #1 Hits by Jon Kutner and Spencer Leigh: "I started thinking about this character I invented called Zoroti and the lifestyle he led, from the way he would buy his house, pick his girlfriend, his job or the neighborhood he would live in. Then I came up with a color, a color I thought described the way he saw things."
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Comments: 147

If I were green I would die... meaning (ROYGBIV) The colors of light... blue is known for its symbol of sadness... before blue is green in the visible light spectrum. If he were green he wouldn't exist.Brianna - New York
The song Is about a man whose girlfriend died and he feels depressed and says I'm blue and Aberdeen I will die, meaning he's going to Aberdeen to commit suicide.Scott - England
The article I read on some site said that a Raymond guy (I'm not sure of his name) died because of going through a bonfire and his last words are da ba di da ba die. He was one of the Eiffel 65 before they became famous.Omega - California, Tx
What if "I'm blue in Aberdeen I would die" "I'm blue if I'm green I would die" etc. is true.... The I'm blue thing is repeated 6 times so maybe they sang it..that's my theory.Omega - California, Tx
So many people know them only for Blue da ba dee, but they have so many other songs! Some inclued: Europop, Another Race, 80's stars, Back in Time,
My Console, King Of Lullaby, One Morning,Morning Time, Jonny Gray, Like a Rolling Stone, Voglia Di Dance all Night, Dj with the Fire, Too Much of Heaven, Lucky in my Life, Dub in Life, and more. If I didn't stop there I would most likly end up writing a whole book about them. I know alot...Too much...
Ariel - Springhill, Fl
This song kinda creeps me out, although the story probably is just rubbish. The only fitting part is the Hide the body Eat the body part, and I am now a very curios person. If I don't figure this all out, I may just leap face first into a bonfire in Africa chanting I'm blue da ba dee da ba di continuously like Raimondo does in the story.Ariel - Springhill, Fl
Nevermind the story. I can't find Raimondo online with them, or at all, and I don't see how people got hide the body eat the body out of
Im blue da ba dee da ba di.
Ariel - Springhill, Fl
The song was not bought off the blue man group! They wrote the darn song themselves dagnabit!

Also, as proof they are alive, they reunited as Bloom6 in 2010! Jeffery Jey did not die, and 'Gary's' name is accualy Gabriel Ponte, or Gabry, for short. I know the lyrics by heart, but I'm a slow typer.

You are all driving me mad! Just go with what I say! I know more about them than anyone else! (Exept themselves. Of course they know>>>)
Ariel - Springhill, Fl
What is wrong with you people! The song is all metaphors, except for the I'm blue da ba dee da ba di,they didn't know what that meant.Ariel - Springhill, Fl
You should hear the story on how the song came to be. Also, I'm Bue da ba dee da ba die backwards is Hide the body Eat the body. You will understand once you hear the story... I wonder if Eiffel 65 ever comes and reads these comments.
I feel really bad for them and what had happened to Raimondo. :'(
Ariel - Springhill, Fl
Hi Alix, Toronto, ON
I am a Guy and could use a Girl, but the blue color is something that could be a deal breaker!
Maybe we could be pen pals.
Mark - Ormond, Fl
Before i knew it said Im blue de da ba dee da some thing like that, i thought it was the perfect song for me because it said IM BLUE AND I NEED A GUY. Im a girl and i need a guy.Alix - Toronto, On
The lyrics are "Without weed I would die, without weed I would die I believe I would die"
it REALY is!
Vanessa - Caracas, Venezuela
But the whole de doby dah thing or whatever that's the edited version of the song it really says I wish I would die. But they never play that version like ever. And the guy who wrote it killedd himself.
Katie - Springfield, Or
omgYOU ARE WRONG every one heard somthin different lik im blue if i was green i would die or im blue old deed im a dieng and at the end it says ol deed im a deadCharrlette - Cinncinatti, Oh
Did you know? It is "Da ba dee da ba die" But it is remixed and remade into different lyrics.

One of the band members commited suicide IDK who.

So anyway enough with the gay or green crap.
Gemma - Wellington, New Zealand
To be frank, if an Italian singer was going to pick somewhere to top himself, why choose Aberdeen. It's all a load of rubbish. Fair enough, it does sound like it but really, come on, aberdeen?Jamie - Carlisle, --
He cleary says anything you guyz want to hear!!!
This artist is a genius!!!
By doing this weird lyric thing it got alot of people talking and thinking about it!!
The artist is truly a genius! Basically you are advertising this song for him!
A true genius...
Jamal - La, Az
I reckon that after reading all the rubbish that has been posted as fact here it wouldn't surprise me if the lead singer did go out and commit suicide! How many songs do you know that were written as a suicide note? I'm tipping it's none...
It's really quite interesting to read how many people are repeating the Aberdeen suicide thing like it was a fact, when it is easily proven via the web that the lead singer has not killed himself and is currently putting out a new album with a new band. This is really quite an insight into how rumours can have a life of their own...
Saff - Melbourne, Australia
YOU ARE ALL WRONG!!!! the blue da ba dee da ba di part is just a clever rhyme the singer made up to make the song catchy and singable, if you didnt know, bein blue, means being sad, he talks in the song of this guy who is blue and how the worls around him is blue for him because he is depressed, specially there is one part of the song when he says " blue are the feelings that live inside me" all the song is about is a sad and depressed world so quit it with the arberdeen and OD'D, and gay crapEdwin - Guayama, Puerto Rico
I get it! In the begining of the song when he was talking about the little blue guy he was talking about himself! noone is listening to him! He's sad He's lonely. Maybe hes gay but theres nothing wrong with that! Maybe there is a message but your not listening to the WHOLE SONG! I still can't figure out if the lead singer killed himself or not! Its really sadDominic - Lemoyne, Pa
this is what i think it says....just listen closely.....

Im blue in Aberdeen i will die...im in need of a guy...in aberdeen i will die...im in need of a guy...in arberdeen i will die...im in need of a guy...

idk i just think it kinda sounds lik this....cus i think he is gay and three yrs after this song came out he committed suicide and died in arberdeen.
Benny - Us, Ca
Ok, the recorded lyrics are "da ba dee da ba di".
But, with the aid of computers, the words were distorted... SO different people hear diffent things.
The lyrics were distorted to just make the song more fun. Like, why do people dance to music? To make it more fun, and entertaining!!!
Bianca - Mwahaha, Pa
I like this song and a few more of theirs, but only because I'm a goofy old keyboard player from the 80's. I listened to Men Without Hats for the same reason!
Robert - Zanesville, Oh
i think the point is that you should hear what u want. its not like there is actually a real universal lyric to the da ba di part.everybody hears something different.Philip - Plano, Tx
Here is some other songs that have used this type of vocal effect,Believe-cher. Only God Knows Why-Kid Rock, One more time-Daft Punk, Every T-pain song. And Lil Wayne and Kayne have used it multiple times.Austin - Smallsville, New England
I live 30 miles away from Aberdeen and their has been no mention of the lead singer killing himself 8 years ago.Kirsten - Peterhead, United Kingdom

Im Bluee And In Aberdeen I Will Die Aberdeen I Will Dieee..

And If Youu Actually Listen It Does Say It...

Den 3 Years After This Song He Died In Aberdeeenn ..
Charlotteeeee - Norwiich, United Kingdom
The words of the song are "I'm blue, If I were green I would die."Kristie - Cleveland, Oh
"well" my opinion of i'm blue was, i'm blue da,ba,dee,da,ba,di..... and no nobody died in the band died are you stupid!!! "well from what i heard that one of them are in a nother band <<< you should look them up but for a gay guy i thought they were hotJonathan - Fall River, Ma
it is actually about this guy who was going to commit suicide and the lyrics are 'inm aberdeen i will die'. then the next day he died in aberdeenAlice - Uk, United Kingdom
This is such a stupid song, but EXTREMELY catchy! lolKrista - Carbondale, Pa
The lyrics from this song say "im blue da ba de da bee di" exactly nothing else this song whas meant for you to ask this questions.It just shows you that everyone has different minds thats why its heard differently.so dont come to anyone and say youre singing its wrong its "however you sing it.hopedd i could helpMitchell - Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
The song is about some guy that is sad it doesnt say if i was green i would die that doent make any sense at all it goes im blue da ba dee da di da ba dee daBob - Leicester, Ma
"im blue, if i was green i would die", thats what i was told.Bronson - Ventura, Ca
It is "I'm blue, without a beat I would die".Yhtry - Natick, Australia
"I think it is: In Aberdeen I will die But that doesn't make any sense.." Do the real lyrics make sense? :-PJoe - Lockport, Il
I've got this song on my MP3 (yes, I'm THAT sad), and I have noticed that the "Da Ba Dee da ba dai"s will sound like what ever you think at the time. In other words if you concerntrate on "I'm in need of a guy" that it what you hear, or if you think of "I was the other guy", you'll hear that. Try it.Mjn Seifer - Not Listed For Personal Reason, England
I think it is: In Aberdeen I will die
But that doesn't make any sense..
Well, I don't get it..:S
Joan - Amsterdam, Netherlands
I have always heard

i am blue and i believe i will die

it fits well enough although the believe doesn't fit perfectly. but none of these fit perfectly. it was eather ment to be up to the imagination or its as it sounds Da Be Dee and so on.
Zoe - Shoreline, Wa
In a more modern music video for this song, the blue man group are featured in it, where you see them in certain parts. Its really a great addition too it, though I haven't seen the modern video since 2002.Michael - Toledo, Oh
Hmm, I'm just deeply curious, I don't have my own theory, but I believe that some of these make sense. I'm just commenting for the people who say Jeffery Jay killed himself right after it came out. That's not true. He is now in a band called Bloom 06 and they are releasing their second album Crash Test 02 soon. They finished mastering it just two weeks ago.Jazz - Anaheim, Ca
the lyrics are "im blue if i bleed i would die and if bleed, i would die if i bleed i would die...."
u can figure it out if u listen to the acapella
Louis - Llanfyllin, Anguilla
Seriously, everyone hears it different. I personally think the song was supposed to be like that. It's very clever. I love the song. If youre going to TELL someone that what you hear is right, youre stupid. Untill you find out for a fact, then dont correct anyone and act like you know what youre talking about.

To sum it up, no one really knows so dont waste your time posting a comment acting like youre right.

Thank you.

-Jackie, Miami, Florida
Jackie - Miami, Fl
pshh. i dont care what you all think


"i'm blue i will pee and eat pie"

it completely fits.
who doesn't need to pee
AND eat pie?
and today's pi day aussi.
Stephanie - Seattle, Wa
I don't think anyone has asked the question... What does "Da ba dee da ba di" mean? Its gotta mean something, if not then I would declare that there are in fact, other lyrics.Patrick - Clearwater, Fl
lol. my friends and I used sing that part as "I'm blue, IF I WAS GREEN I WOULD DIE."

we were in elementary so we thought the person's favorite color was blue and they hated the color green, so if they were green, they wouldn't like it.

that's a bunch of 9-year-olds' interpretation of the song when it first came out. We really weren't very deep.
Ranna - Boondocks, Ia
Wow! I had normally just heard the song as "I'm blue, da ba di da ba di" but all of the other interpretations just about fit! I think eiffel 65 really didnt put much thought in to how confusing it would be, threfore it really wasnt meant to draw up conflict over the lyrics. I was listening to a you tube video that played the song backwards and it really creeped me out!!! I heared "Hide the body, eat the body, hide the body, eat the body" I you listen carefully you can hear it! Now every time i listen to the song i get creeped out! :(

Here's the website:
Chez - Other, United States
Yah, I also heard a lot about the "In Aberdeen I will die" lyrics. I think those are the correct ones. It might mean something other than the fake suicide story. but along the same thing.Joe - Bellingham, Wa
The group is Italian and their name came from a computer called "Eiffel." The 65 came after a note was sent with 65 accidentally written in and the members believed it was fate and should stay. (thanks, Nathaniel - Newark, NY, for above 2) - This is incorrect. Eiffel was chosen by a computer PROGRAM at random. and 65 was written onto their name by mistake on a demo. it was actually part of a phone numberJohnny - Fort Worth, Tx
the music is cool!the complicated part is:
i'm blue
daba di daba die,
daba dii!daba die,
daba di daba die,
daba dii!daba die,
Kornyei - Oravita, Romania
I edited the Wikipedia article and put this:

"After carefully reviewing the a capella version of the track by down-pitching the song, the lyrics in the chorus are "I'm Blue, If I would bleed I wo die" stating that the person's whole world is blue and if they were to bleed they would die because blood is obviously red and red signifies evil. When put all together, with distortion, most likely flanging and delay (audio effect) effects combined with saying it fast, it comes out to be "Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die", whereas the last "Ba" is part of the distortion. Also, at the last three chorus sections of the song, "And I will bleed I will die" is said after every time "If I would bleed I would die" is said."

I also put a sample of the a capella version in case no one believes me!
Rodolfo - Chapel Hill, Nc
OH. And it sounds wierd playing it BACKWARDS!!Autumn - Mt. Pleasant, Tx
This is one of the best "techno" songs ever.
"Move Your Body" is my 2nd favorite.
Autumn - Mt. Pleasant, Tx
it is purposelly meant to sound like if that was me i would die when it actually just says im blue a ada ba dee daba di a daba dee daba di.Troll - London, England
lmfao hey all again im listening to the song right now and the little mee ups you got up there do fit hahaha especiall the ive OD'ed i have died lmao keep up the good work guys...and galsBrendan - Dubbo, Australia
hey all i think what your doing here is actually quite funny that you are sad eneogh to try and find a hidden message in this song lmao i actually like this song alot and i do ocasionally mess with the words just to get a laugh but they clearly do say * im blue da ba de da ba di*....then again saying that i to mess with the words is calling myself sad but hey i am a happy person thats why i like this song i think its a happy song i know that this actually make no sense but hey who cares...well i said something thats all that matter =)Brendan - Dubbo, Australia
I think the part nobody knows what he says has no meaning and he just did it to confuse people and now he reads stuff like this and laughs.
Also, I love this song
Luke - Willimantic, Ct
depression = suicide. i forgot to put that in.John - Euless, Tx
I'm not saying anything i say is fact because its really hard to get conformation on the words but i dont think its "im in need of a guy" because hes got a girlfriend and everything is blue(a tree or a car cant be gay)! I dont care if blue means gay where they are from like tight is slang for cool but i dont use that slang."if i was green i would die" if u pay close atention to the syllables it doesnt fit, but if it did green could mean life and blue death."ive OD'ed, i have died" dosent fit but you know about drugs and techno.I know the title is "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" but thats not good enuff for me (but it fits."If that was me I would die"... it hasta fit people!Someone said three weeks after the release of the song the singer committed suicide in Aberdeen. A litle while later they found that that the 3th/4th time he says da ba dee da ba die he actually says In Aberdeen I will,must die. thats what i here.John - Euless, Tx
I always thought it was If I was green I would die

Made a lot of sense, too
Josh - Toronto
Hey! All you people out there that are screwin' with this song, grow up....You idiots that think its got something to do with homosexuality, get a graip..If you really listen to it hard enought it'll come to make sence...I know this song does get annoying but can you imagine being a member of a band and see on the internet that people have been making your song horrable sounding...Think about it...Heather - Pittsburg, Pa
The correct lyrics are (Da Ba Dee Da Ba Di) - that's the exact lyrics printed inside of the Eiffel 65 Cd booklet. By the way, all of the members are still alive and they didn't buy from the blue man group.Admiral - Mn
Three weeks after the release of the song the singer committed suicide in Aberdeen. A litle while later they found that that the 3th/4th time he says da ba dee da ba die he actually says In Abderdeen I will die.Robbert - Utrecht, Netherlands
my friend thought it was a goth song and they said "i'm blue i will bleed i will die"Zack - Chicago, Id
Ok people. Almost every single lyrics idea you've had you can hear if u litsen hard enough. This is simply science. Your mind is tricking you into hearing these things and the lyrics go da ba dee da ba di not anything else ESCPICIALLY HOMOSEXUALZack - Chicago, Id
ok people the words are not "I'm blue if i was green i would die", "I'm blue I need a man in my life", or what my stepmothere thought it said,"I'm blue I'm a demon I'll die" it basically says "I'm blue da ba dee da ba di" LISTEN VERY CLOSELY TO THE SONG PEOPLE! you'll hear the words "I'm blue da ba dee da ba di" not any other words.Heather - Jacksonville, Fl
Also, note that in the song he says I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND AND SHE IS SO BLUE. So he's not a homo.Danielle - Providence, Ri
This song is not about homosexuality! It has a techno mix screw up the words so it doesn't sound right, but the chorus says "I'm blue, if I was green I would die, if I was green I would die" NOTHING ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY!Danielle - Providence, Ri
CORRECTION TO MY LAST COMMENT: the song by eiffel 65 is im blue, da ba dee da ba di; there are however many versions of this song, and one is the im blue if i were green i would dieBridget - Anchorage, Al
This song is really annoying, but the chorus is not im blue, da ba dee di. It goes "im blue, if i were green i would die..." it gives no reference to homosexuality, and if you sing the song to yourself, da ba dee di doesnt even fit. losers.Bridget - Anchorage, Al
i think it says: Im Blue, N' I Believe I Will Die, N' I Believe I Will Die, N' I Believe I Will Die"Angusthebeast - Santa Rosa, Ca
hmmm... I wonder what happens if you play the "da ba dee" part backwards?
- Rayne, Orcutt, CA

Just in case anyone else was curious like I was, if you play it backwards, it sounds like "I ooh wa ooh wa ooh wa e ooh wa ooh wa ba" over and over again. It makes even less sense, and it's the least creepy song backwards I've ever heard. It's actually really pretty.
- Angel, Des Moines, IA

The song played backwards, is actually pretty....
Appetizing for some people.....
I have reversed it myself, and I found the result quite creepy....
Nicklas - N/a, Norway
the lyrics are something like "i'm blue da ba dee da ba die" the spelling might be a bit off but when translated from italian (the group is italian) it says something about some sort of drinks from gods and goddesses or something like that, so it HAS meaning. there is just no meaning in english, probably that line means he wants to get drunk since he is blue and has no one to talk to, look at ALL the lyrics and it makes perfect senseSean - Vero Beach, Fl
You guys are so mental, if you've ever watched the Music video for it, and anyone that can read lips can tell he is sayind "da ba dee da ba die" its very obvious. thats all it is, get over it.Kuro Ryu - Mootown, Ca
naw all of yall rong its im blue in adebeen i will die in adebeen i will die in adebeen i will die cause i searched it upKevana - Atlanta, Ga
It sounds like he is saying im blue something- was- something etc. so on and so forth. Im justing saying I can here the word was in it...T - Manhattan Beach, Ca
da ba dee di translates to Drink from gods drink from goddesses. the lyrics were written by Gianfranco Randone (Jeffery Jey - Eiffel 65 Lead vocalist). Randone was instructed by bandmate Maurizio Lobina to create strange lyrics to accompany lobina's piano riff.Nes - Nowhere, Oh
But why, if he ment 'if i was green', wouldn't he say it clearly?Rik - Utrecht, Netherlands
The song is about a guy who has a life were everything is sad and he has nobody to listen to him. It honestly has nothing to do with suicide or homosexuality. The line is "da ba dee da ba die". Nothing else. It's a harmless song.Josh - Engma, Ga
WOW! so many meanings. I don't know what to think! But the theory of it being about drugs seems pretty realistic, unless it's true the bloke shot himself in Aberdeen, cause then it's probably "I'm blue Aberdeen, I will die in Aberdeen, I will die in Aberdeen, I will die."

Who knows! It was ages ago now anyhow. I was in year 5 I think, and I enjoyed it just as "bada be da ba da..."
Nicole - Albury, Australia
ha ha, i never really payed attention to the song's words, but today it was brought up at the lunch table and one person said that it was "im blue, if i was green i would die, if i was green i would die, if i was green i would die." but then anotherf person said that they had actually looked it up online and that it is "da ba dee da ba di da ba di da ba di". so yeah...Lily - Madeupcity, Ny
What he really sings with "Im blue dabadee dabaday etc etc." is: "Im blue Aberdeen, I will die in Aberdeen, I will die in Aberdeen, I will die." One week after this song was released he shot himself in the head in Aberdeen. He was depressed (the color blue), because he was homosexual and had "nobody to listen".Rik - Utrecht, Netherlands
I hear a difference between the first line of the da ba dee da ba die versus the second, so to me it sounds like so:

I'm blue da ba dee da ba die
If that was me I would die

Then it sounds like they alternate it between that and da ba dee da ba die.
Truefully the effect on his voice makes it almost impossible to tell. Sounds good though! :D

"Move your Body" is better ;)

Fuax - Waldorf, Md
Does anyone besides me think that Eifel 65 must have been video game obsessives? The majority of the music video (All except the stage performances) looks like it came STRAIGHT out of a generiac video game...Mjn Seifer - Not Listed For Personal Reason, England
i think it says, "im blue shut the hell i up i own ur punkass"Scotty - Camas, Wa
Ok, the song is actually called "I'm Blue (da ba dee)" exactly...
So, this should be telling everyone that it says "Da Ba Dee Da Ba Di" OK...
personally, I too thought something different before I actually saw the title for myself.
Tyler - Guymon, Ok

1. Every member of the group is still alive
2. They did NOT buy the song from the blue man group
3. There aren't any hidden messages about being gay or drugs. This song has as much depth as Spice Girl's "Wannabe".
4. Everyone who posted anything about what the lyrics really mean, shut up. You're all retards.

Keep in mind that when you first heard these rumors, you were 10 or 11, and you found out from your best friend, who also was 10 or 11. Not the most credible source.

And to the guy, "Let's just accept the fact that people can hear things differently..." SHUT UP. Yes, art can be interpreted in different ways. No, vapid pop songs can't.
Mike Hunt - Cocksville, De
I think that the whole point of them singign DABADEEDABADI in a weird way, is for people to keep talking about like nealry every single person here.
Also, the fact they sing it weirdly makes it sounds really good.
Matthew - Canberra, Singapore
If you have ever seen the music video they are trying to escape the alien place, but they cannot find their way. If anything I think it is "I'm Blue and I'm in need of a guide," but I truly believe it means absolutely nothing and this guy is just screwing with us.Ej - Massillon, Oh
I always thought that it said like "if i was green i would die" pretty wierd...Tyler - La, Ca
I think this is just a song that you can have fun with. it doesnt realy have a meanging.Julia - Ottawa, Mn
~*i think that this song is normally mistaken as other things but,i think he's not gay & he does say da ba dee da ba di and the reason y he sounds lyke that.. is beacause he's trying to be an alien if you ever seen the music video and he also has the robot attchet to his voice !
frm ashley's friend ally
Ashley - Wesminster, Co
~*I sorry to tell you i think that this means that he high and he is gay and he blue cus he gay soo he wants to die*~Ashley - Wesminster, Co
to those that were argueing, that (da ba dee) is in the title: that is because they are trying to be on the safe side when beeing pinned down about that part of the lyrics. There really is *no* reason to have that in the title otherwise! Now, for my part, I always thought that he is very depressed ("blue") and therefor says "I'm blue, I wish I could die"... obviously that is just me (my religious background is the bible, hence suicide is a sin).John - Bc, Canada
You know, there are other lyrics than the chorus. I recently heard this song again and it made me think that this song (I could be wrong) could be about meth. To me it seems sort of obvious.. like the entire song is about being "blue" (when someone is "blue" or someone tells you that Charles in the corner over there is "blue" that means they are methed up). I've looked around and nobody else has posted this on any other lyrical interpretation site :P but oh well. The entire song is about how everything he sees is blue.. and the chorus seems like meth is making him messed up or crazy or something.

"And everything is blue for him and hisself
And everybody around
Cos he ain't got nobody to listen to"

Maybe somebody that has been rejected and this is the only outlet for him or her. The lyrics also state that there are blue little windows and a blue corvette.. now don't come saying that "no it cant be about meth thats just the color of it all" i think its that meth is the only thing he can think about and its a representation of his life and how meth is controlling him.
Lyricalmystery - Calhoun, Tn
I reckon they origanally said if i was green i would die but blured it with computers cause they relised it sounded racist and have denied it eva since. oooooooo...conspiracy...man we all have way to much time on our handsJoanna - Brisbane, Australia
the song sucks anyway so who really cares what it saysTony - Cincinnati, Oh
All of you are thinking through this way too much. It truly is "da ba de da ba di", but its a type of abstract art. "da ba de.." has absolutely no concrete meaning, leaving the opportunity for the mind to interpret the sounds to suit your own mindset. Feel free to express what you got out of it, but its really all coming out of your own minds. The only one that even remotely makes logical sense would be "if i ODed i would die" because not only is it techno, which usually implies heavy use of designer drugs, but its just overall a really tripped out song.
Acid - Dystopia, Canada
its makes the song better if it was I'm blue. If I was green, I believe I would die.Wendz - Fargo, United States
The song is Da be dee .... etc
not if i was green. too many sylabuls. listen
its a song that says everything is blue. this is a trip song after one take a hit of what ever he sings decoded. Im Blue, I ODed, I would Die.. meaning his trip is far away but near death because if he OD's then he would die. Acid song. Not green, lol that is a joke. why would he die if he was green. Cleary a tripping song.
Awsome song BTW
Erhan - Naples, Fl
No not everybody hears it differently the majority of us hear "da ba dee da ba di" and if it was obcene subliminal message y would they play it at a middle school talant show.Jim - Mars, Other
you people have it twisted up this is the lyrics that are correct..

Yo listen up here's a story
About a little guy that lives in a blue world
And all day and all night and everything he sees
Is just blue
Like him inside and outside
Blue his house with a blue little window
And a blue Corvette
And everything is blue for him
And himself and everybody around
Cause he ain't got nobody to listen.

I'm Blue da ba dee da ba daa
I'm Blue da ba dee da ba daa

I have a blue house with a blue window
Blue is the colour of all that I wear
Blue are the streets and all the trees are too
I have a girlfriend and she is so blue
Blue are the people here that walk around
Blue like my Corvette, it's sittin' outside
Blue are the words I say and what I think
Blue are the feelings that live inside me.

I'm Blue da ba dee da ba daa
I'm Blue da ba dee da ba daa

I have a blue house with a blue window
Blue is the color of all that I wear
Blue are the streets and all the trees are too
I have a girlfriend and she is so blue
Blue are the people here that walk around
Blue like my Corvette, it's sitting outside
Blue are the words I say and what I think
Blue are the feelings that live inside me

I'm Blue da ba dee da ba daa
I'm Blue da ba dee da ba daa

Inside and outside
Blue his house with a blue little window
And a blue Corvette
And everything is blue for him and himself
And everybody around
Cause he ain't got nobody to listen

I'm Blue da ba dee da ba daa
I'm Blue da ba dee da ba daa..
David - Blackwood, Nj
the song lyrics ar "I'm blue Da Ba Dee, Da Ba Di" and its repeats. If you watch the music vid. there on a planet where every thing is blue. they're trying to turn it back. and there is a blue guy that has a girlfreind.Tyler - Salisbury, Nc
Why would the words "da ba dee" be in the title, if the lyrics were, "if i was green i would die" or anything else for that matter...it doesn't make scense. The correct lyrics, and any big lyrics site will agree with me, as will Eiffel 65 themselves, are "da ba dee, da ba di". its a really lame song in my oppinionMatt - Dallas, Tx
See it is mostly like da ba dee blah blah blah but some parts are really if i was green i would die and its saying that teir sad because everything dies but does it really matter that its that way at all and this guy is not only using blue as sad but he is saying blue as in like not green and living and green is a term for alive and i should know cuz this is my faveorite song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mike - Champaign, Il
I really think the words are "I'm blue, but I'd really like to eat mashed potatoes for dinner, with a side dish of corn." Listen to the words. THat's what there sayoing.Erika - Topeka, Ks
Hasn't anone ever heard of Doo-Wop? It's entirely possible the entire song-except for "I'm blue" and the intro-is just random syllables repeated over and over!

The distortion and the unintelligible talking makes for sort of an "ink blot" effect musically. It's what you pereceive it to be. I'm pretty sure you all felt pretty clever when you thought you had it all figured out, and the song had some really deep meaning.
Fred - New York, Ny
I think it says, "I'm blue. If I was green, I would die." And I think they're saying that everything, no matter how beautiful, or how happy will die, and they feel blue, depressed, but does it really matter? That's just how I hear it.Carl - Bentonville, Ar
I think we can all come to the conclusion that we
all hear the lyrics differently and therefore have a different connection to the song so that it in some way relates to something recent, past, or future for us, and that while it might not be the best song in the world in the eyes of some to others it is so we should not degrade it in anyway or we ourselves will be no greater than the song is in our point of view.
Leanna - Whitsett, Nc
like a dime bag?Reorith - Clarksville, Md
how about, "im blue im inneed of a dime"?Cory - Boonville, In
It sounds like the song say im blue and im in need of a guy.Flufferbutt - Baraga, Mi
OMG its "im blue if i was green i would die"
thats the only thing that makes sense
Pero - Werrington, Australia
all you people out there have it wrong... its not exsactly I'M BLUE ABA DEE IBADIE... its really ... i'm blue ifi was green i woudl die if i was green i would die if i was green i would die... so well thats that and i hope u sing it write... cuzz its an awsome song.. and all u people ou there and messin it up and its infureating... so well get it right! - MarinaMarina - Homer, Ca
this song is so old i think it is kinda weird it came out when i was like in the frist grade so i dont no it is kanda weird when you lisen to it now it is confussing i think it is funny now when i lisen to it.It is really weird the music vido is even more weird.:) :) :)Alanna - Pelham, Nh
i always thought it was "da ba di" but i understand how you could hear it differentlyRyan - Ray, Mi
i thought it was "if that was me i would die"

but strangely enough, that relates to me because some pretty bad stuff just happened to my best friend and i was thinking the same thing...
Julia - Kansas City, Mo
I was pretty sure that it was saying ''im blue if i was me i would die'' instead of da boo dee da boo dye. but it might still be like suicidal..drug related..or homesexually?.. o well or it could be like somone up there said that it was meant for people to hear it different ways.. if you look on google for the lyrics there are none. lol. but either way this song rocks my socks :PAnonymous
Just in case anyone else was curious like I was, if you play it backwards, it sounds like "I ooh wa ooh wa ooh wa e ooh wa ooh wa ba" over and over again. It makes even less sense, and it's the least creepy song backwards I've ever heard. It's actually really pretty.Angel - Des Moines, Ia
my friend said this song was about an acid trip or somethin, thats why every thing he saw was blue. and then at the da ba dee part hes sayin "ive OD'ed, i have died, ive OD'ed i have died" etc...Alf - New York, Ny
i thaught he was saying im blue if i was green i would die and my bf thaught he was saying im blue im in need of a dimeHillary - Irving, Tx
I listen to the lyrics and I heard that song was about despression b/c they use the word blue.Jana - Fort Valley, Ga
"It was origionally written for the Blue Man Group, then they realized that they weren't allowed to sing. Eiffel 65 bought it off them for $3.78 American, which is roughly what the song is worth anyways." This is really stupid...
The piano part was written in 5 minutes. The composer is Corey Randone, who wrotes most tracks on the "Europop" album. The Eiffel 65 members are Jeffrey Jey, Maurizio Lobina and the quite well known Dj Gary Ponte.
Falko - Berlin, Germany
I can't believe people could be so stupid to think that it would be anything other than "da ba dee da ba di", when it clearly lists the title as: "Blue (Da ba dee)". Not "Blue (If I was green)" or "Blue (I believe)". Idiots.Anthony - Easton, Pa
A friend of mine thought that it was -i'm blue i'm diseased i will die...If you listen to it really carefully you could come to that conclusion.Mooy - Soemwhere, Mn
T was humming to the song in my car while leaving for work when 2 neighbourhood girls about 11 years old asked me if I didn't know the lyrics were "i'm gay i'm in need of a guy i'm a gay guy" I never hummed to it again.But it's still a guilty pleasure.David - Kingston, Other
~!man i thought this song was just a song that Eiffel 65 made up just for fun but since i read all these comments i dont know what to think lol im still confused my friend said the words were "im blue if i were green i would die" lol but i dont know!~Jen - Nv
i heard it saying if i'm blue i will dieHolly - Lakeland, Fl
hmmm am I the only one who thought the "da ba dee da ba di" part was infact "da ba dee da ba di" when I first heard itZack - Buffalo, Ny
It's the only song with an inteded "rap" section (intro) that doesn't even rhyme.Elson - Los Angeles, Ca
I just think it's supposed to be a really weird dumb song that you can have fun listening to. Like the Macarana!Kara - Moro, Il
If you listen closely im blue da ba dee whatever it sounds like im blue i would die if i was greenAlyson - Rhinelander, Wi
Didn't one of these guys commit suicide?Matt - Millbrae, Ca
yes definitely another song about drugs ...praise the Lord ...Jesus come save us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Pete - Nowra, Australia
This song drove me nuts!Madeline - Melbourne, Australia
hmmm... I wonder what happens if you play the "da ba dee" part backwards?Rayne - Orcutt, Ca
thats kinda funny but me and my friend were like..what 5 when this song came out and we thought that it was " i will be, i will be on a diet i will be on a diet a diet" hahahaha isn't that hilarious? lol

Megan - Columbus, Oh
I heard from an old friend it was 'i'm blue over did and I died'. Of course, i don't think it's right, but you never know!Jen - Joburg, South Africa
Someone told me that the lyrics were " Im blue indeed i would die" and then after the song went out the lead singer killed himselfJenny - In Michigan, Mi
Nick, how could this have been the first radio hit of the new Millennium? It was released in early 1999!Dave - Cardiff, Wales
By the way, I used to think it said, "I'm blue, and indeed I'm a bi". Once again, another subliminal homosexual message.Alex - Charleston, Wv
It was origionally written for the Blue Man Group, then they realized that they weren't allowed to sing. Eiffel 65 bought it off them for $3.78 American, which is roughly what the song is worth anyways.Alex - Charleston, Wv
Maybe the whole point is that your supposed to see it how you want. everybody hears something different.Mike - Katy, Tx
I will always remember this song as the first radio hit of the new millenium.Nick - Arlington Heights, Il
I heard that they are singing about how you perceive everything blue when you are on an ecstasy trip. Haven't even tried it, so I can't confirm it!Esteban - Panama, Other
This song is the definition of annoying!! It was good, the first 100 times but the next 20,000 times, it got on my nerves. Heaps of people have speculated as to why the lyrics were distorted and some say that it was an obscene song that had to be cleaned up without being changed extensively.Bernadette - Melbourne, Australia
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