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Movin' Out by Aerosmith

Album: AerosmithReleased: 1973
  • This was the first tune to be penned by Aerosmith's songwriting partnership of Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. The pair had decided that the best way for them to come up with ideas was to live together, so they moved into an apartment, 1325 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston. The song was built upon a guitar lick played by Perry and recorded at home on a water bed. It was debuted by the band on November 6, 1970 at Nipmuc Regional High School in Mendon, Massachusetts.
  • Perry recalled the writing of the song to Spinner: "I remember it all really well," he said. "Our first roadie and truck driver, he lived with us and he had a day job building waterbeds. That's what we had in the apartment, a waterbed. And uncomfortable as it was, I can remember sitting on that waterbed, you know like on the edge making sure not to slide back on the squishy part of the bed but balancing myself and the guitar on that wooden frame. And I would just sit there on the edge of that bed and Steven would be right next to me and that's really when we started to seriously sit down and write songs. And the first one that came out of that apartment was 'Movin Out.' That was the first real song we wrote together."
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One of their best. A female friend said she bought the album for Dream On. When her boyfriend, my bud, played the whole thing, she said, about that song.....Wow! I bought this for Dream On. I didn't know this song was on it!Bob - Jackson, Michigan
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