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Radio by Darius Rucker

Album: True BelieversReleased: 2013Charted:
  • Rucker penned this carefree song about simpler times with his friends Luke Laird and Ashley Gorley. "It's a nice little Country song about the way we grew up," he told Radio.com. "I didn't have much growing up but the car radio was everything. You're driving around listening to the songs, especially when you're getting to high school. 'Radio' is about that time in life where music is all that matters."
  • Darius Rucker: "The song, 'Radio,' I want somebody to go, 'I know exactly what he's talking about.' When I was in high school, that's what we did. We got in the car, we listened to the radio, and you went out and played with your friends. Every time you heard a song you loved, you turned it up as loud as you can."
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