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Here Comes My Girl by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Album: Damn The TorpedoesReleased: 1979Charted:
  • This was written the same week as "Refugee." Both songs started as demos written by Heartbreakers guitar player Mike Campbell on a 4-track recorder in his house.
  • In our interview with Mike Campbell, he explained: "'Here Comes My Girl' was interesting because we had the chorus and Tom wasn't sure how to do the verse, he kept trying to sing it different ways and he finally came across sort of half-talking it, and that's when the song seemed to come to life."
  • This was the first album the band released on a major label. Their first two albums came out on a small label called Shelter Records, which was acquired by MCA. After some legal maneuvering where Petty filed for bankruptcy and the label sued the band, MCA set up a label called Backstreet Records, which was dedicated to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. This didn't end the tension between Petty and MCA. Petty held back the tapes for their next album, Hard Promises, when MCA tried to raise the price from $8.98 to $9.98. Petty won that battle and the album came out at the lower price.
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Comments: 9

I like a handful of Tom Petty's songs. This is one of them. It's excellent. It's a song anyone can relate to. Everything can be bringing you down, but love will lift you up. Petty's delivery of the words, half singing/half talking, is perfect. Throw in a little screaming: "Hey! Here come's my girl", and you have the right mix of passion. Well done.Camille - Toronto, Oh
This is one of my all time favorite songs. I have decided that if I ever get married this will be the song that plays as my future husband and I are being announced at our Wedding Reception. "But when she puts her arms around me I can somehow rise above it. Yeah , man when I got that little girl standing right by my side you know I can tell the whole wide world to shove it, HEY! HERE COMES MY GIRL, HERE COMES MY GIRL. Yeah she looks all right and she is all I need tonight".Nicole - Plymouth, Ma
Petty is one of the rare artists with some longevity.
My then girlfriend (and now late wife:() saw him in 1992, and he was excellent.
I always liked this song, especially the interesting way he half speaks the words, in that Petty sardonic tone.
Oldpink - New Castle, In
The 1st time I met my boyfriend this song was playing in his apartment. Everytime this song comes on no matter what we are doing, we dance to it...She looks sooo right she is all I need tonight. Tom Petty is a true artist.Heathere - Cambridge, Md
im with you Jade, i also thought it said Shelley when i found out it was shove it, i was like wow this song is amazing, it shows how much u really love someone and how you dont care who knows...Vanessa - Chicago, Il
This is the song I want to walk down the aial to .. I have loved his music since i fist heard Wildflowers at the age of 5..I hope to meet him someday and ask him to sing this song at my wedding...hey it can't hurt me to dream :)Kelsey - Lancaster, Pa
In my book, this is the most convincing love song EVER.Paul - Marysville, Wa
I have always thought that the lyrics said, 'Shelley' but I must be wrong.Jade - Chippewa Falls, Wi
I think that song is so sweet. That is my boyfriend's song to me. Tom Petty has a lot of songs that are about a specific girl or someone he loves. That is another reason I like him.Jennifer Prather - Newcomb, Tn
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