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Pearl Necklace


ZZ Top

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This one has mature content - it is about a woman orally pleasuring her man. When he is done she has a "pearl necklace" around her neck. (thanks, Princess - L-Town, OK)
While ZZ Top's songs can be highly offensive to sensitive ears, Billy Gibbons has an explanation why they tend to get away with it: "There is an advantage to being last in the record bin. I think when Tipper Gore got to Zappa, she just got so disgusted she didn't go any further."
ZZ Top
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Comments (23):

I must have been born yesterday. I thought all this time the song was about a Priest who was taking confession from a Nun and he rewarded her with a new set of rosary beads. My bad!
- Mojo, Tampa, FL
These guys have a way of making really explicit material sound innocuous. Tube Snake Boogie anyone?
- Rob, Duluth, GA
This song is about what Bill Clinton did to Monica Lewinski's dress. Isn't it odd that this song came out 17 years before the Lewinski affair?
- Splat, Williamsville, DE
No matter how you interpret the lyrics, it's still kinky.
- Pauline, Houston, TX
Face it. ZZ is only talking about one kind, and one kind only of "Pearl Neclace".
- Thomas, Somerville, AL
The song refers to oral sex "I was getting blown away" not to any breast work although that is a way to a pearl necklace.
- Pat, Adelaide, Australia
Has anyone ever heard of Scarlet Pain? She is an adult film VIXEN and she has some cool tattoos.
I would give her a pearl necklace and the earrings to match!
- Jason, Denver, CO
From its earliest inception, R & R has ALWAYS been about 3 things & will remain so: Sex, Drugs. & R & R. A great song w/great production. Michael, 5/15/08
- michael, okla. city, OK
I always thought that this song was telling of a string of "pearl" beads used for "backdoor" stimulation. But the explanation by Robert from Houston makes more sense. Thanks Robert for being there for all us TOP fans.
- Michael, Summerdale, AL
the BEST song EVER!!!!!
- paul, houston, TX
Ya sure your wife didn't know what a pearl necklace least that's what she told you Big Ed! And you believe her? LOL
BG, Pulaski,TN
- BG, Toronto, SK
DAMN!!!! The is a bad ass song, my wife had no clue what a pearl necklace was until she met me and told her what it was.
- Big Ed, Pulaski, TN
what else do u want from ZZ Top, a pretty good % of their songs are about sex. Some are a little more straight forward than others. Alot of them i didnt know what they were about until i was older, been listening to them since i was 2.
- Mike, Hicksville, NY
Truthfully the song doesnt say anything about her breasts. It says she held it i her hand... Anyways I cant wait to get a pearl necklace...
- Gwen, tulsa, OK
doesn't sound like most zz top songs.
- Johnny, Los Angeles, CA
I thought the song was about a pearl necklace untill somebody told me that it was a "dirty song" I had to listen to the lyrics closely.
- Ashleigh, Augusta, GA
Heck, how many rock songs aren't about sex? This song rocks!
- VooDooCat, Zimbabwe, United States
Despite the felatiotic lyrics, tis still a good song. That's my bit.
- Sam, Boise, ID
The breasts don't really need to be all that large;)
- Martijn, Helmond, Netherlands
Yeah, I thought she just wanted a damned pearl necklace, but when it said "what she wants really don't cost that much," I realized it's true meaning.
- Chris, Lake Mary, FL
Actually, this song is not exactly about a woman orally pleasuring a man, but rather satisfying him between her large breasts. That way, when he climaxes, her reward is a "pearl necklace".
- Robert, Houston, VT
Yeah, I think a lot of moral types have sang this song out loud and not really realized what it was about.
- RAJA, Austin, TX
I didn't understand until I got older but this is one of the best songs because of what it means and of course its ZZTop!!
- Chris, Victoria, TX
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